Suukou Faita-

by Branks
Suukou Faita-
An action role playing game based around martial arts and superficial powers. [More]

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Date added: Jan 22 2011
Last updated: Feb 21 2016
Last played: Feb 10 2012
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Current Status:

Are you interested in Suukou Faita? In order for it to see the light of day... I require a programmer who is knowledgeable in DM. With your help, we can make this a reality. refer to my help topic here.

Branks (Game Designer, Programmer, Graphics, Pixel Artist)


Bloo Thang: (Mar 27 2015, 7:27 pm)
Cool with me
Branks: (Mar 27 2015, 6:05 pm)
I agree, but 5 pixels taller doesn't really change anything too much. Plus, you don't have to grow if you don't want to. You can remain a child for the duration if you choose. it's all about choice.
Bloo Thang: (Mar 27 2015, 5:39 pm)
Yeah I remember you stating that awhile back. The smaller ones look better in my opinion. It just feels better to be honest but it's your game. I prefer small bases big weapons, spell effects, the world feels better too especially for a BYOND game.
Branks: (Mar 27 2015, 5:34 pm)
There are actually two different sizes for the base. Child and Adult. There will be a growth system...
Bloo Thang: (Mar 27 2015, 5:00 pm)
Looks a-lot better than Xenoverse(PC) I'll tell you that. Lets hope you stick to the small bases.