Dark Star

by Bravo1
Dark Star
Delve solo or with a friend into this dark space horror [More]
To download this game for your Linux/Mac installation, enter this on your command line:

DreamDownload byond://Bravo1.Dark_Star##version=9

Emulator users, in the BYOND pager go to File | Open Location and enter this URL:


Version Alpha 0.122
Date added: Oct 27 2020
Last updated: Sep 13 2021
Last played: Sep 7
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Deep in space, the research station Idaho stumbled upon a scientific marvel. Hours later, the station went dark. Investigate the twisting decks and corridors and discover what befell the crew of the Idaho. Dark Star is a 2D Sci-fi Horror Shooter inspired by games such as Metroid, Castlevania, Dead Space, and Halo. Within the station you'll discover alien creatures, spatial anomalies, and renegade systems, all of which obscure the events leading up to the blackout and radio silence which engulfed the Idaho. Explore, discover new tools, weapons, tactics, and paths through the station, and unlock the mystery held within. Bring a friend to experience in the terror in the 2+ player co-op, or discover and eliminate the doppelgangers in one of the many coming multiplayer modes.

Join the game discord at https://discord.gg/UpSufc2wHG

Keep in touch with the twitter at https://twitter.com/DarkStarIdaho

Peruse the indieDB page at https://www.indiedb.com/games/dark-star

Latest Update: Ver A 0.122
Fixed an issue that caused returning to lobby to fail
Fixed an issue which caused a good portion of audio to never play
Fixed an issue which caused the background to jiggle when stepping on or off stairs or other inclined surfaces
Changed the layout of Engineering B to be a bit smaller vertically
Changed the gap in upper Engineering B to be easier to see and jump across while running
Changed how map and audio files are included. You no longer need to have a separate folder for maps. Whee!

Previous Update: Ver A 0.12

Added Helmet selection
Added Three New Helmets
Added the Shotgun
Added weapon lights when not equipped
Added weapon lockers, you now no longer find them on the ground... usually
Added Loading screen
Added new intro sequence for missions
Added results screen at the end of missions
Added some new dangers in Idaho station
Added a new mission
Added gibbing for especially forceful deaths
Added audio for doors
Added lights for doors
Added lights for stairs/ramps
Added variance to the floors and walls

Replaced the gravity block "door" at the start of Engineering B to be an actual door
Changed how missions are presented. You now no longer choose an objective, you instead choose a destination which presents an objective
Changed how enemies target players during certain phases
Changed Generators to use the setup system, and made them more efficient
Changed the speed at which power switches turn power on/off. It is now the same amount of time regardless of the size of the area
Glowsticks and other small projectiles now collide with scaffolds the same way players do

Greatly reduced load times
Greatly smoothed out the loading process
Fixed a bug which caused walls to not have proper shading
Fixed a bug which caused instances to load in sections of the game world which where not meant for them
Fixed a bug which caused instances to not be cleared properly, causing things to carry over from previous instances
Fixed a bug which caused enemies to become inactive at inappropriate times
Fixed a bug which caused the camera to not zoom in smoothly when starting to run
Fixed a bug which caused some weapons to not be able to damage some objects that were in very close proximity to the player