Duel Monsters End Game

by BreakOutPhoenix
This Duel Monsters game is unlike no other you've seen on Byond. It will be manual base with some automatic features. Unlike all other Duel Monsters games, this game will have support for Single Duelist, Tag Duelist aswell as Clan/Guild rankings. [More]

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Date added: Mar 20 2007
Last updated: Mar 22 2007
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Ok guys, we're going to let you know the ideas we have for this game.... Let us know what you think..

Duel Monsters End Game Staff by BreakOutPhoenix, Splash BluePaw

Coders:BreakOutPhoenix and Splash Bluepaw

Icon/Image and Banner Artist:SJMist, DuoGohan, BigBoss

Mapper:Looking for one, so let us know people.

Head Judges: Swift, Moose.

Host can appoint two Temp GMs.

Admins: Angel Hikaru, Locke, Man Of 1000 Faces.

Play base: Manual With some Auto features "possibly".

All packs will be added with continuous updates when new packs are released.

All admins may have custom Icons.

All Yu-Gi-Oh and Yu-Gi-Oh GX icons.

Selected Cards have Icons In headliner position.

All tournys have prizes.

Possibly use OCG or TCG rules.

Clan/Guild Support.

Ranking System Single/Clan/Tag rankings.