Bleach Hollow Within 2

by Brklynty1
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Lady Lexi

Anyone who composes a (complete) list of ranks in a given group (Ex: All the Capitan’s; All the Espada’s; All the group leaders such as Inoue leader, Bounto leader, Quincy leader…etc) and hands it into Lady Lexi will be rewarded generously.


>>>>Vaizard Leader:

>>Vaizard Co-Leader:

|:::| Vaizard Knight 1:
|:::| Vaizard Knight 2:
|:::| Vaizard Knight 3:
|:::| Vaizard Knight 4:
|:::| Vaizard Knight 5:
|:::| Vaizard Knight 6:
|:::| Vaizard Knight 7:
|:::| Vaizard Knight 8:
|:::| Vaizard Knight 9:
|:::| Vaizard Knight 10:


---Quincy Elder:

---Sado King:

---Inoue Princess(Or...geh...prince?):



Espada Leader:
Espada Co Leader:
Espada 1:
Espada 2:
Espada 3:
Espada 4:
Espada 5:
Espada 6:
Espada 7:
Espada 8:
Espada 9:
Espada 10:


Squad 1 Capitan:
|:| Lieutenant:

Squad 2 Capitan:
|:| Lieutenant:

Squad 3 Capitan:
|:| Lieutenant:

Squad 4 Capitan:
|:| Lieutenant:

Squad 5 Capitan:
|:| Lieutenant:

Squad 6 Capitan:
|:| Lieutenant:

Squad 7 Capitan:
|:| Lieutenant:

Squad 8 Capitan:
|:| Lieutenant:

Squad 9 Capitan:
|:| Lieutenant:

Squad 10 Capitan:
|:| Lieutenant:

Squad 11 Capitan:
|:| Lieutenant:

Squad 12 Capitan:
|:| Lieutenant:

Squad 13 Capitan:
|:| Lieutenant:

Squad Ryoka Capitan:
|:| Lieutenant:


Rules To Everyone

1.) Do Not Safe Zone Kill! Safe zone(sz) is ALWAYS the road directly infront of hostpial. Sometimes it will be marked by rocks/dense objects. You will be punished.
2.) Do Not Advertise For Other Games! You will be punished with a mute and ban if you disobey this rule.
3.) Do Not Flame In OOC! In other words, if you have a problem with another player, take it to Say. You both will be muted, booted, and banned if you disobey this rule!
4.) Do Not Spam! This includes repeatedly logging on and off, ceros, OOC or Say, killing and anything else that other people may have to deal with. You will be booted and banned for disobeying this rule!
5.) Do Not Cry Abuse! It is okay to say that a GM is abusing sometimes, because it does happen. No one is perfect. But if a GM punishes you for something you did wrong, do not scream and cry that it is abuse. They are only doing their jobs!
6.) Do Not Post Links To Your GM Application! In less an Owner specifically tells you to give them the link you may NOT post it! When we need Game Moderators we will look at your application, until then, don’t even think about it! This goes for asking for GM in game as well, we will boot and ban you if you continue on!
7.) Do Not Ask For GM/Owner Training! We do NOT give out Owner training and GM training is a reward that is rarely given. When we want you to have it, we will give it. Until then, don’t pester us!
8.) Do Not Ask To Be Teleported! We are not a Taxi Service! Teleporting you everywhere is NOT our job! We will be kind every once in a while and take you some place but most of the time we will not!
9.) Do Not Ask Where Shinji and/or Aizen Are! They are hidden (quite horribly, really) for a reason! If you want to become their race you must find them! Game players are aware of this rule and will not take you to or tell you of their whereabouts, it is pointless to even ask.
10.) Respect The GM’s! We do have GM’s who do not do their job accordingly and we do apologize for this fact but we can not be there to steer them in the direction of lawfulness all the time. The least you can do is be respectful and try to keep them from abusing on you and if it does not work, just ignore them. We do have very good GM’s that do deserve your respect, so please, give it where it is needed!
11.)If and when a GM summons you sit down and be quiet. We prefer silence when we are trying to fix or give something to a player, running around and acting like an idiot doesn't help.
12.)When an HTML announcment is made READ it. It's usually important, even if the important part is tucked away in the GMs mind and has no signicifcance to you.
13.)If you are caught afk training and your level is over 600k you will be reset and booted. Twice and you will be banned. If you are caught without an icon afk training ban will be unavoidable.
14.)Do NOT Multi Race! This does NOT involve becoming a vaizard. This means you may NOT mix races such as Inoue and Vaizard, Bount and Vaizard, Sado and Vaizard...etc. You will be race reset the first time and then wiped the second.
15.)If you do something wrong do not claim that it was your "little brother/sister/cousin...etc.". You are allowed to multi-key but if you pretend to be someone else on your alternative account you will be punished. We know when you're lying. Don't do it.

Anyone caught Owner or GM training without permission from a higher power will be severly punished! This is your ONLY warning!

Rules To Becoming A GM

Do NOT ask for GM until further notice. We will not be making GMs until we come to a point in which they are drastically needed. If you do ask for GM in the game your punishment will be decided by the GM and said GMs mood.

~Lady Lexi