Fusion Tactics Dragon Ball

by Cal'frac
Fusion Tactics Dragon Ball
Completely redone from Last years Version in april 2010. January 2011 Fusion tatics is reborn. [More]

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Version DB FT NA
Date added: Apr 11 2010
Last updated: Mar 30 2011
Last played: Mar 29 2011
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Updated on March 30th 2011, 2010


-Ancients, New Race.
-Angels, New Race.
-Saibaman have two Transformations now.
-Legends have 4 from 3.
-Kais have new trans as well. Good n Evil form.
-Half Saiyans have new form
-Legends gave a new form
-TRANSFORMATION have been reformatted as of April 10th 2010
-Stats and Transformation requirments Reformated for Fusions, better outcomes for perm. transformation race.
-Space Travel added
-Technology system added
-Building system added
-Ageing/time system added.
-Working fusion, potara fusion and perm fusion
-Four New Planets, Konatsei, Makyo Star and Safe Zone Planet, Changling World.
-icon changes and map changes.
-Cant run from Arena Battle.
-DARK STAR dragon balls Added 6 wishes.
-6% Chance of Immortality as option for DS dbals wish.
-Walk Train Verb added to Training Tab for lvl 200 and up.
(Ingame game guide will help for Transformation Requirements also a link) http://dbzfusiontactics.forummotions.com/guide-f6/ transformation-requirements-all-races-t2.htm?sid=a1ee5f29f37 587de72661f15e14ed6ca

**Fusion Updates**

-Fusion has been added in:

**None Permenant transformation races can asked other none perms to fuse, and can be asked to fuse.(must be level 2500 or more)**

**Permanant transformation races can fuse Only with other perm transformation races.(Must be level 15000 to fuse and be in your Final Form)**
-Potara Earrings Work, Ask admin for details.

Player rules

**1-((**For Names, Please do not use DragonBall, Z, GT names unless given permission by a admin GM lvl 5 or higher, Thank you.**))**

2- If u need help, use admin help
3- Do not death avoid by logging off, it sucks and it lags
4- Do not disrespect the GM's
5- AFK Training is allowed.
6- Multikeying allowed, if you are 2 different people playing go talk to a GM so he can test you both and will give you a .
7- Racist comments are punished with permanent ban, if you got insulted talk to a GM.
8- Dont use whisper to talk to a GM, call him in public.
9- Dont do Player Spam Kill (Killing a determinated player lots of times).
10- Dont ask for GM.
12- Please see the game game rules in the game guide.

-Idle Boot has been changed from 500 Auto-Saves to 0 idle saves per boot, meaning there is no idle boot.**

-Player Wipes Wont be happeneing Ever, unless a bug is found and abused, the person abuseing will thus then be wiped.

-Events Held Daily/weekly, Tournements,Capture the Flag.
-participants sometimes get a prize.

-Lots of quests, and there are many techniques to be learned.

-Many different fighting styles to choose from, all from different instructors.
Admin Team Performance-
(All Fair admin service, Admins online constantly, 24/7 hosting by NightBreaker. (Hosting is now 100% 24/7 Hosting).)


Tanith Kainen- Admin/mod- Gm lvl = 5

Joe Blaze(Nightbreaker) - Host - GM lvl = 10
El Gato(Cal'frac) -Owner - Gm lvl = 12
Kotsu(TuPacRIP) - Owner/Coder/Mod - Gm lvl = 10

(BYOND MEMBERS! Please read)

(If ur a byond memeber, u got 10 bonus lvls or 10 training points, when u choose.)

(How to Become an Admin?)
(Find the coder or owner in-game and whisper your intentions.)


Normal Video on Video URL at top of page.