Naruto Battle Realm

by Chaokai
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Version 1.2
Date added: Jun 16 2009
Last played: Jun 16 2009
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Naruto Battle Realm







[1]Respect all GM and their decisions
[2] Cursing is allowed to a minimum and should not be directed to anyone.Mute.
[3]Please do not prejudice or have any racial or religious slurs..
[4] No talking in all CAPS.Mute
[5] If you find a bug, report it, don't exploit it report it by going to commands then click report bugs.
[6] Don't pest the Moderators for skills or other attributes.
[7] Please don't ask for GM.
[8] No AFK training.. if you do your character will get deleted!
[9] Advetisments of games is prohibited and can lead to possible perm ban.
[10] No killing Npcs, will result in Boot
[11] No Academy Killing!(it's ok if 1 or 2 times, but don't let me catch you doing it too much).
[12] Multi-clanning is prohibited and can lead to possible perm ban.
[14] Do not bug abuse, you will get jailed.
First offence: Warning
Second Offence: Boot
Third offence: Temp Ban
Fourth Offence: Perm Ban

(Some offences may lead to a Ban without warning )

GM Rules
[1] Dont Edit other Players
[2] --GMS cant be Kage if they edit themselves--
[3] Dont summon people without asking them unless they ask you.
[4] -->Dont abuse your powers its logged for Admins to see!You will be banned for this!
[5] Dont Disrespect fellow clients/players on the game<--
[6] ~~Don't edit yourself if you're going to fight, you can lose your GM powers.~~

WAR Rules
[0]There are 2 kinds of war:
-The war for taking kagespot.
In this kind of war you wont get boosts.
-The war for just getting boosts.
In this kind of war the loser village doesnt loses its kage.
[1]You can only declare war if the kage/leader is online.
[2]The loser village loses its kage and the person can't be a kage or org. leader for 1 day OR the people who were fighting in the winner village gets boosts.
[3]The "declare all village war" verb is only for fun xD.
[4]If you're going to fight an organization, make sure to know the physical entrance to it.
[5]There are 5 minutes until someone from the challenged village go and defend it, if past 5 minutes there's noone there, the challenged village loses.
[6]After the war begins(that means, if someone from the challenged village appears in less than 5 minutes), the last standing person on the kage house(in case of invading organizations, u have to stand in the entrance) of the challenged village after 15 minutes makes his/her village win.

GM actions are logged dont abuse or perform actions negative towards the game





Akatsuki #3 - ?

Akatsuki #4 - ?

Akatsuki #5 - ?

Akatsuki #6 - ?

Akatsuki #7 - ?

Akatsuki #8 - ?

Akatsuki #9 - ?

Akatsuki #10 - ?

†Sound Organization†




Tsuchikage - Open

Otokage - Open

Amekage- - Open

Hoshikage- - Open

Raikage - Open

Hokage- Open

Kazekage- Open

Grass Feudal - Open

Waterfall Hero - Open

Mizukage - Open


Coming Soon


Gennin: Make the exam or ask your kage to make you a genin.

Chuunin: Win the Chuunin Tournament.

Jounnin: Cap Your chuunin rank.

ANBU: Depends on your kage's req.(only 12 allowed for each vill).

Sannin: Depends on your kage's req(only 3 for each vill).

Kage: Win kage Tournament from your village.

Org. Leader: Win the tourney.

Org. Member: Ask the leader.

Please Read The Rules