by ChaoticCloud
JOIN US IN ARE UPCOMING SOON TO BE GREAT GAME RPG(this isnt really the name we havent thought of 1 yet have ny sugestions put them on th forum) [More]

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Version 7
Date added: Jun 23 2005
Last updated: Jun 29 2005
Last played: Jun 30 2005
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Only Windows users can play this game. If you have an emulator, you can join the waiting list to be informed when a new server is ready to play.

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We are in open Alpha testing atm
thanks to all who help us with testing

Fallen Ark Angel<---co-owner
DevilishLightning<---help with coding

*well version 1.0
-added equipment
-added monsters
-added banker and inn keeper
*version 1
-added gm verbs
-more monsters
-sart ov new map
-Equipment bug fixed
-shop keeper added
-done magic(though its still a little buggy)
-u will be able to learn a differnt magic at each village
*version 4
-added gender chooser to login
-magic bug is fixed
-added more items e.g. Potion
-made more villages so u can learn more magic
-new system ov gaining magic you buy xcrolls from the magicshop and they teach you the magic
-more shopkeppers
-each 1 sell supsific stuff e.g weapons or armor
*version 7
-added more weapons and armors in
-certain levels are now need to learn magic
-done some more mapping
-added a godess in each town when u prey to her u respawn in that town.
-done even more mapping 8D
-added an auto Repop (like on MJ)
-added guilds