The River Country

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The River Country
A Mature Roleplay set during the end of the Sengoku Jidai [More]

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Itís a time of turmoil, conflict and the rise of revolutions. Families, Clans and jaded beliefs have battled each, causing Great Wars that have fractured the land. Soon, a mind-set governed by hostility, expansion and torment seized the lessor people as those with power roamed with ruin in hand. Likewise, tailed beast, often conjured as Bijū, fondled nations and left their own notions of deconstruction. Still, only a few spoke of these grand beasts that trampled encountering humans in their wake.

Yet, in the midst of an era of war, smaller forms of politics eventually mustered like-minded persons who pursued peace in place of animosity. Soon, righteousness and the pursuit of peace took hold of the strongest. But their pursuit often assembled an aggressive force that convoluted their cause. Nonetheless, this pursuit of peace birthed the Shinobi and their Hidden Villages. And with that came the fledging of many clans, rogues and champions to bare locations so they may sprout their own resolutions and indulge in the mounting institute of the Shinobi.

Core Features

  • Immersion. Combing both simulation and adventure elements, TRC boasts a field of roleplay that is both immersive and stimulating. Members are able to pursue any line of contact and living with their character(s) whilst engaging with an ever-changing, persistent fictional setting.

  • Story and Freedom. Story is at the core of TRC. As such, the development team is dedicated to enabling an immersive and fun campaigns that challenge members and allow spectacular, as well as free and personalised development of a memberís character. At TRC, nothing is banned or restricted, as innovative play is at the forefront of our principles.

  • Communal Setting. Every aspect of TRC is driven by its members. We firmly believe in a liberal environment that welcomes ideas, challenges to existing systems and innovation on all fronts. We enforce the inclusion of all and push members to not only aid in the development of TRC, but also seek the best for their characters. If a member wishes to pursue the creation and development of their own settlement in-game, we will support it. Likewise, if a member seeks a new application system, we will welcome ideas. TRC is community.