Dragon Ball Ruination

by Crimson Slayer
Ruination, a multiplayer action rpg that's updated regularly with the community's contribution. [More]
Version 6.0
Date added: May 9 2016
Last updated: Jan 4
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byond://BYOND.world.1094651753 [Ruination 5.0
Players: 2
EXP: +10000%
Zenni: +1000%
Kill Boost: x100
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Version 5.0

End game zone and party based gameplay is in the works!

Create your own custom character build, with a point based system while taking into mind race traits. Be balanced, a glass cannon of some sort, a tank, or a type of character that utilizes high endurance to win fights

Four massive planets and other zones/areas to explore

Multiple ways to progress
- Level up by training or fighting hordes of mobs, which drop enchanted equipment and useful items
- Use training techniques and focus on what you want to train on, when you want to train on it
- Engage in PVP in tournaments/arena matches or just out in the world
- Enter a skill based zone where you will earn experience and quest points that will let you obtain useful boosts/items, regardless of what level you are as the mobs are unlike anything in the open world

- Be a close quarter or ranged warrior, or both if you build your character for it
- Skill based system, both types of fighting are different, but techniques and style are kept balanced with updates
- Obtain rewards for participating in tournaments, and challenge anybody to a 1v1 arena match. Obtain experience and more for even just participating, get more when you win
*Coming soon* tiered PVP based rewards

Create/join a guild
- Create your own guild equipment with icons from your computer
- Make new friends, and maybe rivals
- Participate in guild wars
*Guild Houses currently exist, but raidable guild bases are coming in the future

Rules are listed in game but in general, common sense is all you'll need

Note: Ruination is fanfare and inspired by the Dragon Ball series, however all rights belong to FUNimation and no money is being made.

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