[Bleach] Shinzui

by Cthulh
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Currently Unavailable

Version 0.889
Date added: Feb 21 2007
Last updated: Jun 11 2012
Last played: Apr 12 2013
1458 fans
[Bleach] Shinzui
A unique Bleach game still in development. [More]

Waiting List

Only Windows users can play this game. If you have an emulator, you can join the waiting list to be informed when a new server is ready to play.

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The original source has gotten increasingly unstable, so an old "Veteran mode" server is being hosted until version 2 demos are ready.
Feel free to watch the progress on the forum.

In-Game Rules Details on Forum
[Keeping these here to show the kind of etiquette we desire.]
B. No Anime/Manga names, original names only.
B2 No 'Ichigo' names.
0. Freedom of speech
0b Use good grammar
0c Do not filter avoid
1. Respect the admins
2. Respect other players
3. Do not spam
4. Racism/Sexism is not acceptable
5. Bug abuse CAN be tolerated if reported
6. Don't waste admin/mod time
6b Do not ask for edits/hax/requirements
7. Do not block entrances in-game
8. Do not act like a GM/Mod unless you are

--looking for regular iconners-- Apply in this topic

More Info

Router issues? by Cthulh
Permanent Zhug hosting by Cthulh
v2 Engine notes - Feb 8, 2012 by Cthulh
v1889 Updates by Cthulh



Albro1: (May 22, 7:11 pm)
Ok, I recreated this hub to make the game more accessible and easier to find. Have fun guys! :)

Albro1: (May 22, 1:05 pm)
I'm hosting the game right now at byond://

This is the actual game, but the hub password here has been changed so it won't show up on the hub.

I just got my hosting working, so I am not sure how good it will be yet. Be sure to let me know.
Reem16: (Feb 6, 8:57 pm)
Prost: (Jan 21, 6:49 am)
Here u guys have a unoficial byond hub (Here u can find naruto,dragon

ball,bleach games, and rips that are not listed on byond hub)
http://byondhub.blogspot.com/ :
- We got over 70 + games
- 200+ users evry day vist us site
- Its free, Private
- U can gain easy acces to games
- The hub is uptaded evry day

It would be nice if u send this link to u friends, put it on u game etc...
Zaagan: (Jan 14, 7:42 am)
I miss this game :(