Naruto Ninja Kaisen

by Cyclometh
The adventure begins... again! [More]

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Version 2.6 - Beta
Date added: Apr 1 2007
Last updated: Apr 13 2008
Last played: May 5 2009
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Welcome to Naruto Ninja Kaisen, Previously known as Naruto Revolution. The game is undergoing frequent updates. Most of the clans in the game are COMPLETE, but some jutsu will be added to them as shown in the new anime Naruto: Shippuden or Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles


Update - 2.7 Coming Soon (April 15, 2008):
Added Jutsus: Chidori Nagashi, Henge, Kawarimi, and Nehan Shouja to the list of jutsus.
Code Changes/Additions: Genin Exam, Hospital System (Healing/Spawning/Medical-nin knowledge base), Konoha Police Corp System, Academy Classroom Tutorials, Guide to learning Professions.
Map Additions: Tournament Arena, Hidden Waterfall, Hidden Cloud, Hidden Sand, & Hidden Sound.
Clothing Additions: Anbu Ops/Assassin Gear, 3 Anbu Mask Variations, Shippuden Naruto Jumpsuit, Shippuden Sasuke Jumpsuit, & Yamato Style Headband.
Profession Additions: Advanced Medical-nin Techniques (Sakura Strength), Sound-nin (Refer to Game Guide for information).

The Staff

Cyclometh - Additional Programming/Art/Game Design/Etc

Previous Staff

Lifehunter - Programming/Art/Game Design

Dougie - Photoshop Art/Game Design

Atum - Art/Game Design

Pepi - Line Art/Game Design

Robbie - Base Animation/Clothing Art

Takaryu - Base Animation/Hairstyles/Clothing Art

Amon - Turf Tile set