Naruto: Ninja Society

by DJJW14

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Naruto: Ninja Society
What will you do? Lead your Village, Prevent World Chaos, Or Destroy this Ninja Society? Play and Find out! [More]

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Naruto: Ninja Society
The Age of a New Era

Owners - DJ & Slash Uchiha

PhotobucketPhotobucketVillage Kages

Kage Reqs: 4 Million Hp, Capped Jounin, 1 Million Chakra and All Village Jutsu.

~.::5 Hidden Shinobi Lands::.~
Leaf Village

Sand Village

Cloud Village

Mist Village

Rock Village

~.::Feudal Lands::.~

Land of Grass

Land of Snow

Land of Waterfall

Land of Rain

Land of Feather

~.::Sufficient Established Lands::.~
Sound Village

Star Village

Dark Village

Lava Village


akatsuki team

7 Swordsmen pic
7 Swordsmen

Sound Organization
Sound Organization


Phoenix Kanji Pictures, Images and Photos
Makai Mura

Uchiha Police Force

~.::Families Organization::.~
CRIPZ Pictures, Images and Photos
The Crips Family

Head Member: DJ

bloods Pictures, Images and Photos
The Blood Family

Head Member: Open

saints symbol Pictures, Images and Photos
The Saint Family

Head Member: Ice

Lethal Interjection Crew

Head Member: Open

More Will be up so hang in there!


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Rip Nation wrote:
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Rugg wrote:
Good, I hate this game. Another rip.

Rugg: (May 26 2009, 1:39 pm)
Good, I hate this game. Another rip.
DJJW14: (May 25 2009, 9:34 pm)
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