Dance Of Shadows (Kage No Odori)

by Dariuc
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Version 2.0.1 Alpha Testing
Date added: Feb 1 2012
Last updated: Feb 2
Last played: Dec 21 2013
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Dance Of Shadows (Kage No Odori)
Epic Ninja Action In Small Shinobi Packages. [More]

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The flames of war are eternal. Will you walk the way of peace? Or fan the flames of war as you are thrust into the life of the shadow assassin..the ninja.

  • 13 Unlockable Weapon Types
  • Balanced combat and character creation that rewards a variety of gameplay.
  • 13 Elements to fuse with your skills, each with a different status effect, burn your foes or sap their strength along with many others.
  • 5 villages to chose from- and war with.
  • Character build the ninja of your choosing- without training of any type.
  • Rebuild your village from the effects of war by gathering resources, collecting secret knowledge and combat skills.
  • PVP and PVE Combat as well as Story Based Progression.
  • 26 Types of Ninpo Forms, 11 Types of tools.
  • Generations and Legacy System allows you play as one of many ninja in a family line.

Special Thanks

  • A.T.H.K- Great help.
  • Dark Campaigner & Kaiochao- Tons of help on forums.
  • Dj Dovis- Creative Consultant.
  • Many other people, contact me if you see this and need to be placed here.

    Libs Used In this Game:
    Lummox Jr Icon Procs & DmiFontsPlus
    Dantom DB
    FA Map Instancing

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