Naruto Final Fight

by DarkMoonProductions
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Version 3
Date added: Feb 8 2009
Last updated: Feb 3
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Naruto Final Fight
Explore this expansive recreation of the Ninja World, 300 years later.. [More]

Version 4 Alpha Testing Has Finally Arrived!

NFF is a game roughly based off of the Naruto Storyline along with fan-fictional elements and storyline created from the actual timeline of the game recorded. NFF takes place over 300 years after the events of Naruto Shippuden, the history of this game and events that happened along the way becoming recorded and recognized as the story that creates NFF. Events such as why the Uchiha are in Sound, or why the Senju Clan is now named Kusakin, or why there are only 4 villages are explained in the storyline of NFF. The actions of the players affect what happened, so it can roughly be described as a RPvP.


  • A fun combat system, making skill a primary factor in the equation.
  • An Interesting Community, Ready to start drama in the game that won't have you annoyed, leaving you always something to do.
  • Complete Creation, allowing you to create your character and be different from anyone else.
  • Original Progression System, A system to make the game more balanced that no other game we know has. No more cliche leveling system, but a system based on passives that'll keep you less focused on training but more on the actual game.
  • And much more!

We are currently trying to improve and bring this game back into the right direction! This game is in its Alpha stages, meaning there is a lot of updates and changes taking place. If you wish to help us or give off any other constructive criticism.


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BabyDwarfWritingScrubAgent: (Yesterday, 7:31 am)
This include genjustu dodging. Of course any other justu or asd attacks dodging when they cause damage. Gives game a more naruto feel to say nope that attack missed cause of my substition skill is so easy to do. No cooldown. Just make chakra go down when players dodge attacks. And have option to dodge attacks on or off in commmands so they don't drain chakra they don't want to. Call it substition passive or something.

See dragon universe precognition skill for reference of how it might work.
BabyDwarfWritingScrubAgent: (Yesterday, 5:53 am)
Kyomou Karue could beat this with one skill.

See how he hits himself. That's all the info I need.

Unban me when AOE genjustu are fixed

I want to max out my skills

I think there should be a passive where if you master substition and your reflex is high enough you have a chance to auto dodge attacks making whatever would have hit you damage 0. Kinda like ultimate justu in naruto ultimate ninja storm.
TrutH512: (Tuesday, 1:23 pm)
These are all good questions.
BlessedTheFall: (Apr 7, 1:14 pm)
Why am i banned? -.-
BUBBLEFLARE: (Apr 6, 5:57 pm)
OMG, it just crashed again.....