New Era

by Davidle123
Version 3
Date added: Jul 28 2010
Last updated: May 15
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New Era
Welcome to New Era, where adventure awaits! [More]

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Hosted by Tuckax

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Welcome to a world in which the seas are the haven for pirates and marines alike. Monsters surge and grow stronger with every passing moment, requiring adventurers to slay them in order to grow more famous and powerful.

You can find the new host files here.

Control the Environment!

Be a race of half-fish hybrids!

And Defeat Monsters!


Programmer(s): Taitz, Davidle123, Ernesto5432[Current]
Graphic Art: Taitz, Davidle123, Alfonza, AnthonyFile2, Ernesto5432, RPGMaker XP
Interface: Ernesto5432

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Ernesto5432's Server Forum Page by Ernesto5432



Dark toshi: (Apr 8, 7:53 am)
when game will be again on^
Goku90800: (Apr 7, 2:22 pm)
if someone gives me the new host files i can host 24/7
Dude543: (Mar 10, 8:33 pm)
new eras dead lets all play this one instead even has players and every df is unique has the new world and skypia too:
Xalexx16: (Feb 23, 4:17 am)
I started to host it agin, the newest version, i have got the old too but ill start hosting this because here i have got the cm powers and i can help the people with all. Daily turnaments for fruits, money... Come and have fun
Goku90800: (Feb 2, 1:15 pm)
how do i get the new host files