Imperial Blades; Blood and Iron

by Davis1312
Imperial Blades; Blood and Iron
This is a RP game Based on a Samurai Empire. [More]

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Date added: Sep 17 2013
Last updated: Sep 18 2013
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IBBI revolves around a deeply engaging story line very loosely related to history itself in standings of Shinobi and Samurai. Within the Tōketsu Empire, characters live and function within a single nation under the dictatorial leadership of a supreme ruler. Players have the freedom to develop as they please, within or outside of the Military. However, once a player decides to join under a Shogunate, they will likely be somewhat restricted to their town. Otherwise, players are free to roam the lands in search of their own story.

Considering this style of rp, progression is rather slow for those who choose to freely roam and train themselves as opposed to those who train under the teachings of a Shogun and their Shogunate. I could provide more information here, however, I'd love to answer questions personally within the game itself.

Oh..A -very- important point to make. Shinobi Clans still exist within this world, though not as strongly used as they were within the Naruto Cannon. Those who choose to become a Shinobi would have to find the Shinobi hide-out themselves at the risk of being deemed as an outcast of The Empire. Though, the benefits of being a Shinobi happen to be a bigger payroll, considering most Shinobis become assassins.