Ninja World Invasion

by Dbar910
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Date added: Aug 26 2010
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While the game is being made enjoy chapter two of the story...

II. The New Comers

Kakashi looks at Lust, prepared for a fight, as she still has the same devious grin on her face. He thinks to himself,

"I can't use my mangekyou so this might be a little difficult."

Kakashi starts performing hand seals and is instantly slammed into the wall with Lust hand in his chest, "She's fast," he thinks while she says, "Awww, well that wasn't all that fun; your already dead."

Lust pulls her hand out of Kakashi and he falls to the ground, disappearing in a puff of smoke. Lust expression suddenly changes, "You didn't really think I would be that easy to kill did you" Kakashi says while appearing behind her.

Lust turns around and shows her same grin as before, "That thing you did with your hands…I See; that must be the power of these special jutsu I was told about." After a moment Lust walks toward Kakashi,

"Things just got a bit more interesting"

Lust said as she charged forward attacking Kakashi. Lust thrust her hands attacking as Kakashi is blocking and dodging; He then grabs her hand and throws her into the wall and powers up a quick rasengan. Lust dodges upward with Kakashi flying directly under her; she then smashes her heel into his shoulder while sliding to the back of him, putting his head in the mountain.

"This can't possibly be all you…," Lust whispers as she is suddenly kicked to the side off of what appeared to be Kakashi.

"Another trick huh,"

Lust says as she wipes the blood from her lip. Kakashi melts into a puddle of water as the real Kakashi says

"In the world of ninja there are no tricks; maybe you're just not as strong as you first thought."

Lust frown then turns into a slight smile as she reaches for a small bag tied to her waist, "If that's how you feel then I guess there is no holding back,"

she said as she ingests the bag of red stones. Kakashi looks with a curious expression on his face as she begins to move her fingers.

"Earth Release: Earth Style Wall,"

Kakashi says with worried look on his face as a giant earth wall appears between him and the devious vixen. Kakashi knows he only has few seconds to figure out what she's planning when black rods come out from the wall and pierce through his shoulder.

Once the dust clears it is seen that they are not rods but her fingers stretching over 5 yards into the shoulder of Kakashi. Lust laughs as she is holding Kakashi high in the air smashing him into wall after wall and says,

"So how will the great copy ninja get out of this predicament," Kakashi then gets a surprised expression on his face,

"Yes I know all about your worlds fighters and heard the rumors of their abilities." Kakashi slides down her fingers and she slams him into the wall, and with them both face to face Lust touches his cheek and whispers,

"It's been fun Kakashi Hatake."

Lust, making her final move, stares at his face and focuses on his left eye as it begins to spin she says, "What the Hell," right as Kakashi disappears.

Lust begins to scream in agony as she sees disturbing visions of her past and future, "The one mistake you made was knowing who I was, but underestimating me,"

Kakashi's voice echoes in Lust head while still in the illusion.


Lust screams while looking for Kakashi; she breaks out of Kakashi's genjutsu only to see him charging at her. With a look of fear on her face he gets closer and closer with a hand full of fierce lightning.

"Lightning Blade,"

Kakashi says as his jutsu connects with Lust sending them both flying through the air crashing into mountain after mountain until he finally crashes her into the ground. Kakashi walks out of the smoke covering his eye back up with his headband with a look of relief on his face,

"What makes you think this fight is over," a voice said coming from the smoke.

"I would have been done for if it wasn't for Greed's armor," Lust thinks to herself as the smoke starts to clear with Kakashi uncovering his eye for a second time.

As the dust clears Kakashi can see Lust but she looks different, her skin is pitch black and her hair and hands are white.

"This is the power of a homunculus you simple minded fool," Lust says while walking from the crater still pulsing with electricity.

"Shouldn't you be…"

"...Dead," Kakashi says followed by an interruption from Lust, "Why yes I should, but this new power gave me the ability of indestructible skin courtesy of one of my brothers, Greed."

Kakashi throws shuriken at Lust and charges her with a kunai, but the shuriken bounce off and she disappears only to grab him from behind and slam him into the ground while saying

"Just returning the favor," while lifting her hand high in the air. Kakashi dodges while Lust hand connects with the ground splitting the battlefield in two.

Lust then extends her fingers toward Kakashi and says, "How long you think you can keep this up, you seem a bit tired to me," as Kakashi blocks with his kunai. Lust is forcing her power against Kakashi, his Kunai breaks with him just barely dodging her attack.

Lust then appears next to Kakashi punching him in to a mountain while he thinks to himself, "After this I won't have much chakra left, so this has to work." As Kakashi goes into the wall Lust appears in front of him with that smirk of hers that she loves to wear and stabs him through the stomach.

"Looks like it's over," Lust says has she uses her other hand to stab him through his head. In that instant she watches Kakashi's body fall to the floor as her smirk turns into a curious frown and Kakashi's body lights up.

Kakashi's body explodes sending Lust back a couple of feet, while Kakashi comes up from the earth and Drags her down,

"Headhunter style jutsu, complete,"

he says while stepping back and gathering his chakra. Kakashi prepares for another lightning blade when Lust burst out of the ground, only to be hit by the attack and smashed into the wall behind her. "You know this won't end my life," Lust said as Kakashi's hand pins her to the mountain wall.

"I know, but I needed to buy more time while I prepare," Kakashi said as he backs up the shroud of mist that Lust failed to realize was there in all the excitement.

With a surprised look on her face she says, "Prepare? Prepare for…."

"Summoning Technique: Tracking Fang," Kakashi exclaims as a pack of dogs surround, attack, and hold onto Lust.

With a surprised look on her face Lust try's to escape but the dogs will not budge, "With all my blood on your hands it was easy for my ninja hounds to lock onto you" Kakashi says as the mist begins to clear.

"Like I said, you came into this battle knowing who I am but underestimated my abilities," Kakashi said as two shadow clones emerge from the ground and ascend high up into the air.

Kakashi and his clones doing 3 separate sets of hand seals and exclaims,

"Water Release: Water Dragon Jutsu,

Fire Release: Great Fireball,

Lightning Release: Lightning Hound." As the jutsu prepares to collide with Lust all she can do is close her eyes and smirk, "Well Played, Copy Ninja."

Elsewhere the reunited Legendary Sannin prepare to head out to pull in support from the entire shinobi world. "Do you really think that we can side the enemies of the world together into one force to fight these guys," Tsunade said,

"Well in times of crisis enemies must work together to fight a much greater force," Orochimaru said while gaining a glare from Tsunade. "

You know you two really need to worry about the new enemy, besides this is beginning to feel like old times," Jiraiya said with snicker.

Just as Tsunade was about to reply two portals opened up with one revealing a blue ninja with frozen arms stepping out of one and a humanoid lizard out the other.

As Tsunade throws off her green robe in preparation to fight a mysterious third portal opens. Tsunade inches closer looking into the portal when a spear fly's out and hits her while Jiraiya and Orochimaru Scream her name.

A dark demonic voice says, "Get Over Here", as Tsunade is pulled into the portal.