Bleach Souls of the Forgotten

by Dejerman
Bleach Souls of the Forgotten
Game is back up and everyone should be having fun! :D [More]

Currently Unavailable

Version 2.5
Date added: May 24 2008
Last updated: Jul 4 2011
Last played: Dec 10 2011
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Waiting List

Only Windows users can play this game. If you have an emulator, you can join the waiting list to be informed when a new server is ready to play.

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Owner/Mapper: Shouran(Dejerman)
Owner/Coder: Shin(Hector24)
Master Admins: Needed
Admins: Danata(Danata),Needed
Enforcers: Grubbs(MysticGohan123),Needed
Trail Enforcers: Needed
Coders: Needed
Iconners: Needed
24/7 Lag-less Host: VPS(Please Subscribe And Help Us Keep The Server Up And Running)

All Subscriptions Go To Both The Naurto & Bleach Server
Check Out Our Naruto Server Also

No Spamming
No Spam Killing
NO SZ Killing
DON'T ASK FOR GM*apply on forums*
Respect All GMS

Same rules apply for GMS
No Abusing
No ASKING FOR HIGHER RANKS!!!!*you will get a higher rank when you deserve it*

The Arrancar Pictures, Images and Photos
Espada Leader: Shouran Kagamine(Dejerman)
Espada Co-Leader:Mosica Kagamine(Mosica101)
Espada #0: Nelliel Kagamine(Koyoss)
Espada #1: Alucard(Mookdog)
Espada #2: 90k
Espada #3: Boredom(Unknown212)
Espada #4: 70k
Espada #5: 60k
Espada #6: 50k
Espada #7: 40k
Espada #8: 30k
Espada #9: 20k
Espada #10: 10k

*Captain Reqs.:Master Shikai,Bankai,flashstep,and level 50k*

Squad One Captain:
Squad One Luitenant:

Squad Two Captain:
Squad Two Luitenant:

Squad Three Captain:Danata(Danata)
Squad Three Luitenant:

Squad Four Captain:
Squad Four Luitenant:

Squad Five Captain:
Squad Five Luitenant:

Squad Six Captain:
Squad Six Luitenant:

Squad Seven Captain:
Squad Seven Luitenant

Squad Eight Captain:
Squad Eight Luitenant:

Squad Nine Captain:
Squad Nine Luitenant:

Squad Ten Captain:
Squad Ten Luitenant:

Squad Eleven Captain: Darklight(LILJOHN295)
Squad Eleven Luitenant:

Squad Twelve Captain:
Squad Twelve Luitenant:

Squad Thirteen Captain:
Squad Thirteen Luitenant:

Sado Leader: 100k
Sado Co-Leader: 90k
Sado Breaker: 80k
Sado Knight #1: 80k
Sado Knight #2: 70k
Sado Warrior #1: 60k
Sado Warrior #2: 50k
Sado Warrior #3: 40k
Sado Warrior #4: 30k
Sado Warrior #5: 20k


Co-Leader: 90k
Warrior#1: 90k
Warrior#2: 80k
Warrior#3: 70k
Warrior#4: 60k
Warrior#5: 50k
Warrior#6: 40k
Warrior#7: 30k
Warrior#8: 20k
Warrior#9: 10k
Warrior#10: 5k

Vizards Rein Pictures, Images and Photos
Vaizard Leader: 100k
Vaizard Co-Leader: 90k
Vaizard Knight#1: 90k
Vaizard Knight#2: 80k
Vaizard Knight#3: 70k
Vaizard Knight#4: 60k
Vaizard Knight#5: 50k
Vaizard Knight#6: 40k
Vaizard Knight#7: 30k
Vaizard Knight#8: 20k
Vaizard Knight#9: 10k
Vaizard Knight#10: 10k

Quincy Leader: 100k
Co-Leader: 90k
Quincy Head: 90k
Quincy Frontier #1: 80k
Quincy Frontier #2: 70k
Quincy Order #1: 60k
Quincy Order #2: 50k
Quincy Order #3: 40k
Quincy Order #4: 30k
Quincy Order #5: 20k
Inoue Leader:100k
Inoue Co-Leader: 90k
Inoue Sniper: 80k
Inoue Fire#1: 70k
Inoue Fire#2: 60k
Inoue Healer#1: 50k
Inoue Healer#2: 40k
Inoue Healer#3: 30k
Inoue Healer#4: 20k
Inoue Healer#5: 10k


Recent Medals

Joining the Gotei

Earned by Hector24
Sep 18 2010, 2:24 pm


LegitX: (Jul 17 2011, 7:59 pm)
i wuld like to become an eventer to think of events for the game
Itachi Slayer: (Jun 23 2011, 1:44 pm)
It's so funny how i got abused for no reasons i never even insulted vexx and he boots me twice one cuz he said he was pissed and another he put bitchplz :P and i got banned for apologizing lmao
Hector24: (Sep 13 2010, 2:05 pm)