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Online RPG loosely based on the d20 system [More]

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Date added: Sep 11 2002
Last updated: Feb 8 2006
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Maeva is first and foremost a virtual world, and secondly, an MORPG. It is set in a fantasy world with a lot of similarities to Dungeons and Dragons, but many differences as well.
Primary Features:
  • Materials Handling: All objs, mobs, and turfs in Maeva have some sort of "material" assigned to them. Material datums handle a lot of properties that can affect how a given entity behaves. This makes for a lot of interesting possibilities for crafting and spells. Using the IconMod library, anything in Maeva can take on a whole new look with just the change of a few text strings.
  • Skill-based Advancement: Every level, players are given 20 skill points to spend on various skills. Skills range in cost, and availability of skills can depend on either your experiences in the world, or your access to training through in-game organizations. At level 20, players no longer receive skillpoints to encourage development of effective characters, as opposed to "godlike" jacks-of-all-trades.
  • Immserive NPC interaction: Creatures in Maeva respond to situations in a lot more depth than simple combat or dialog. Guard npcs will stop you and tell you to sheath your weapons while in towns, fine you and retrieve stolen items, or kill you on the spot if you've committed murder. Reputation can be gained or lost both with factions and with individual creatures. This may be a result of anything from using social verbs such as spit or slap, to completing quests, to just outright starting a fight with or murdering creatures.
  • Mounts and Vehicles: Players may ride just about any creature in the game, provided they have the skill and the creature has the ability and desire to carry them. Vehicles will be equipped with interior zones, so players may walk around the hull of a ship. Certain vehicles will also have mannable posts for weapons and devices such as cannons or lookouts.
  • An Extensive world: With the use of LummoxJR's SwapMap library, Maeva takes players on a journey across a vast world by means of hundreds of interconnected regions and zones. Economies are maintained to keep track of prices, supplies, and populations.
  • In-Depth Character Creation: While character development isn't intended to be the primary focus of Maeva, it definitely is A focus. Players may choose everything from their portrait, to skills, to equipment, even to pets and mounts they can begin play with. Player skills range from combat proficiencies to arcane spellcasting to lockpicking to a variety of deity-specific clerical abilities. Players are even able to take on professional skills such as crafting, repair, and tanning, though these skills aren't as useful for adventuring.


Mareth: (Sep 20 2011, 6:42 pm)
Was destined to be a great game.