Icon Bay 2.0

by Deviant Coder
An Icon Upload/Download Community Database. [More]
Version 2.0 Stable
Date added: Apr 24 2017
Last updated: Oct 9 2017
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Icon Bay is an Icon Upload/Download Community Database.

Fan the Utility to always have it available on the Pager

Upload/Download icons as you please.
Free to use, forever.

Donate to help keep Icon Bay's Service running. Atleast $5 a month will be enough.

Every chat and action in Icon Bay is now recorded since April 29th, 2017.


Download icons.

Upload icons, 10 times per day.

Upload up to 25 icons from a Zip File, 2 times per day

Freely lock your icons, preventing people from viewing/downloading them

Keep track of your favorite icons

Rate icons. Be mean and dislike icons or be nice and like icons


Pornography is prohibited and will be dealt with a permanent ban.

Guest Accounts are always restricted as well as Official Accounts that strangely use "Guest-" as the first part of its key.

Brief Explanation About Icon Bay

Icon Bay's source code was created by me, "Deviant Coder", from scratch as well as any other future creations of mine.

Icon Bay is not to be confused with the non-affiliated Iconshare.

Icon Bay was created in October 2013 because Iconshare randomly went down for several months and people were complaining for it to come back.

Icon Bay's design is similar to Iconshare's design simply because I did not want people to get use to an unfamiliar user interface, which occurred with the non-affiliated DMI Download of 2013.

Icon Bay will remain up indefinitely because Iconshare can randomly go down at anytime, which happened again in late 2016.

Do not get the two similar programs confused or believe Icon Bay's origins held any more meaning than what had been exclaimed here.

To conclude, the point of Icon Bay's existence is to simply be an extra Icon Repository. This project served that purpose well since 2013 and will continue to do so until Byond dies, enjoy.


Deviant Coder: (Oct 9 2017, 4:10 pm)
DeviantCoder here, creator of Icon Bay. Proud to announce that Icon Bay will be free forever. If any of you would like to help Icon Bay in anyway, please feel free to donate for server costs (Detail Here). Also, any ideas anybody has for Icon Bay, please let me know and if its feasible, it will be added.
Deviant Coder: (May 28 2017, 8:20 am)
Fixed. The bug will never occur again.
Please be sure to report any bugs or glitches found as soon as you notice them. After checking the recorded logs, I've seen that people knew about this since May 22nd, but didn't speak up, would've been fixed way sooner.
Wicked Monsta: (May 28 2017, 5:56 am)
I dunno if it's just me or a bug but I can't see any of the icons.