Sigrogana Legend

by Devourer Of Souls
Sigrogana Legend
Multiplayer fantasy roleplaying. Only roleplayers need apply. (No longer updated.) [More]

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Version Beta-ish
Date added: Jan 22 2006
Last updated: Oct 25 2021
Last played: Oct 18 2022
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NOTE: This game is no longer updated, and I cannot guarantee if any version is hosted that it will work with current BYOND versions. There is no plan to update the game or fix bugs that exist.

If you liked the game, you can consider checking out Sigrogana Legend 2, its sequel which is under active development.

Thank you.

An original roleplaying game set in a fantasy roleplaying environment, aimed to be a fun roleplay environment for roleplayers, but not at the expense of the game itself. Who says good roleplay and good gameplay can't exist together?

Game Features

Character Creation: A simple yet detailed process helps players make characters unique. A variety of skills, abilities, classes, and races aid creation of characters that will rarely be exactly the same.

You, too, can play great classes like...
Detective - There's dames to be saved! Detectives use a multitude of handy gadgets (that are always more than meets the eye) to solve cases and fight crime.
Learned/Rhythm Magicians - There's no good RPG without their share of the arcanely proficient. Magicians in Sigrogana Legend make use of a plethora of Arcana (so many and so much more to come) to further their goals.
Rune Magician - When one goes to calligraphy camp as a Rune Magician, it's to learn how to more efficiently blow stuff up than anything. These mages utilize pre-made Runes, which act as anything from land mines to a scrying eye (or even both!) on anyone unfortunate enough to step on them.
Summoner - It's okay to need help. Summoners are quite eager to rely on beings called Youkai - aspects of mythology and psychology, or the just plain weird, to do their dirty work for them.
As well as at least five other ones described in-game!

Character Housing: Each character starts play with a DISCer; an invention of Karaten which creates access-ways to demiplanes, which can be customized by the player. This invention can be used to create personal quarters, inns, shops, or anything you can come up with!

Turn-Based Battle System: Fully-functioning original battle system which takes place right on the map where it started. Radial menus and special on-map selection options help take the monotony of input-based games away.

Extensive Crafting: A lot of work has been put and is still being put into the various Craft skills of the game; if you dislike progressing your characters solely on combat or roleplaying, crafting rewards experience appropriate to your result. Items that are crafted poorly reflect as such in the game; and items that are crafted well have certain bonuses attached to them.

There are currently over 100 different food recipes, and the quality of the ingredients makes a difference in the ending dish. Are you a bad enough dude to cook them all?

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Audio freak XD: (Nov 4 2021, 12:48 am)
This game is playable BYOND v500. Recent version screws up the battle system and you can't do anything.
DarkShinigamiX: (Nov 11 2017, 1:01 pm)
Why is nobody hosting this anymore...? I mean, I'd love you forever if you can.
HUNK RE2: (May 13 2015, 6:50 pm)
I need Sigrogana Legend Host File
Data Core: (Nov 23 2013, 5:32 pm)
New 24/7 up on dedicated server box, using July 2013 saves. Portals might need to be re-put and if something else is wrong then feel free to message me through BYOND, [email protected] or twitter (

byond:// should be the correct link to this server.

Note: Don't expect updates, I do not have the source files. I'm not sure if Devourer still allows donations for donation items, perhaps, perhaps not. Just know that I don't really require donations to keep this server online.

Enjoy your day and RP on.
Dbzman12346: (Jun 30 2013, 7:23 am)
Thank god