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Date added: Dec 2 2005
Last updated: Mar 29 2006
Last played: Apr 16 2006
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New, Fun, Medievel Fantasy RpG, paced slower than most Byond games. [More]

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Questers is a fun but not fast paced RPG Game. This was created so you could hang out and have a good time with your friends online; maybe go dragon hunting on the weekends with your guild, plan a checkers tournament, embark on that quest you always aspired to...

Character Colors: pick you hair, body, and leg colors!
Lighting System: for fires and streetlights
Houses: show off all your awesome armor and loot!
Easy Attacking: forget mashing that macro, just target a monster and constantly attack, and simply click a button to cancel it!
Awesome Icons: edited to perfection to make the world look, well, perfect! (ok maybe not perfect just really really good)
Simple Point and Click Magic System: simply choose the spell you want to use, double click something and, for example, watch your enemies burn to a firey crisp
And of course, Skill Advancing, Leveling, and all your RpG necessities. Plus, books for writing stories/roleplaying.

Yet to be added: Guilds, new monsters, items, weapons and shields (which is basically just making the icons for them; easy), and more spells

If you are a subscriber you can have a house (no gold neccessary), and you can have access to subscriber only hunting areas and towns. Plus, you can buy subscriber only spells! Listed here are the prices:
1 month - $2
3 months - $5
6 months - $8
Until the sun explodes (lifetime subscription) - $15
Lifetime subscription and your name will be mentioned in the login screen message - Buy me BYOND Membership ($15)

Remember to join the forums for updates and screenshots!