Bleach Lost Bonds

by Dezikk
Bleach Lost Bonds
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Date added: Aug 24 2017
Last updated: Aug 28 2017
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..:: Staff ::..
Dezik - Coder
Eze Savea - Coder



Captain Commander:
Captain of Squad 1:
Captain of Squad 2:
Captain of Squad 3:
Captain of Squad 4:
Captain of Squad 5:
Captain of Squad 6:
Captain of Squad 7:
Captain of Squad 8:
Captain of Squad 9:
Captain of Squad 10:
Captain of Squad 11:
Captain of Squad 12:
Captain of Squad 13:
Captain of Kido Squad:


Vaizard Leader:
Vaizard Co-Leader:
Vaizard 1:
Vaizard 2:
Vaizard 3:
Vaizard 4:
Vaizard 5:
Vaizard 6:
Vaizard 7:
Vaizard 8:
Vaizard 9:
Vaizard 10:


Espada Leader:
Espada Co-Leader:
Espada 1:
Espada 2:
Espada 3:
Espada 4:
Espada 5:
Espada 6:
Espada 7:
Espada 8:
Espada 9:
Espada 10:

1.Don't ask for GM if we need more GMs we will ask you.

2.Use common knowledge and don't do shit that you know will get you banned.

3.Don't post any Mature things like pornographic links in the game.

4.Don't piss off other players.

5.Don't mute ban or jail avoid.

6.Don't accuse staff of abusing their power unless you have proof.

7.Listen to staff at all times unless there just being a plain dick.

8.Multi-keying is allowed.