Mortal Kombat Destruction

by DoomF5
Mortal Kombat Destruction
Mortal Kombat Destruction features the very popular fighting game and best fighting game of 2006 Mortal Kombat! [More]

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Version 2.5
Date added: Jun 2 2006
Last updated: Jan 24 2008
Last played: Jul 2 2010
14 fans

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MK Destruction Bio:
Mortal Kombat Destruction is a fan-made game with a whole different story to all MK games a story which begins after Armageddon where some warriors died and some lived but now the relms are at destruction once more with an enemy that is more terrifying than Onaga, more powerful than Blaze
more dominant than Shao Kahn, who can prevent this kind of evil from bringing about destruction.

(MK Destruction Bio fan made)

MGM: DoomF5 *The creator*
GM: OmegaBardock *My friend*
GM: Ermac619 *The maper and coder*
GM: Vondar *Helped with this game alot*
GM: Mistress Selene *Friend and helper*
SGM: Stiller *Best friend on BYOND*
GM: Dragonmas121 *Hara kiri maker*
GM: Evil Protoman *Fatality maker*
GM: ShinoF5 *My little brother*
GM: Evil chicken *Helped to make MK Destruction*
GM: GreekSponger02 *Icon maker Host*

Latest Updates:
-New Skills
-More Bosses
-New Fatality System
-Kreate-A-Fighter //under construction.
-Animalitys //under construction.
-Brutalitys //under construction.
-New style chars.
-Bugs fixed.
-Enemys //Under construction.

Mortal Kombat Destruction Has All New icons, New Skills, All New Sound Effects, New Missions, And MUCH MORE! Bosses Have been let loose....
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---Special Thanks---
Ed Boon and the Midway team for creating Mortal Kombat.<<

All Midway characters, fatalities, music, ect are copyright of Midway all rights reserved.