Dragon Rulers RP

by Dragon Rulers RP
A journey to the west inspired strict-roleplaying PvP game, focused on rewarding players for actively roleplaying! [More]

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Version 0.1
Date added: Oct 2 2020
Last updated: Oct 11 2020
Last played: Dec 23 2020
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Staff List:
Owner: Blackclaw

Update Log:
Version 0.1
- Added Contact System with Contact Point requirements to use Telepathy, and Instant Transmission
- Added Language System where Intelligence mods effect learn speed
- Added Minerals instead of all encompassing Resources, and tweaked the Dig verb (Including visuals)
- Added the Super Drill to the Technology tree, and changed effectiveness of digging enhancers (Shovel, Drill, etc.)
- Added Transmutation for Techie Aliens and Tuffles
- Added Training Resilience instead of an AFK timer, and added gains to Blasting techniques
- Added Toggle Lethality so that it must be on in order to kill a player
- Added random Mutations you receive on creation, and pass down from mating, with the chance to remove negative mutations
- Added a Gene Scanner to the Tech tree which will display the target's mutations
- Added Age Selection upon creation, rounded to the nearest whole number
- Added Hunger/Thirst/Tiredness which need to remain above 0% to avoid death, and goes down over time. Namekian's don't have to eat, and Android's are immune to all of it
- Added Raw Steak, Cooked Steak, Raw Leg Meat, Cooked Leg Meat, Salt Water, and Fresh Water which have a chance to decay on Month Save, and can all be consumed
- Added Gather Wood verb to trees, which allow you to make an unlit campfire with the wood. When using the campfire for the first time to cook, it will light and decay over time
- Added Gather Water verb to water turfs, giving Salt Water everywhere but on Planet Namek
- Added a Water Purifier to the Tech tree that turns Salt Water into Fresh Water, and decays over time after the initial usage
- Added Tiredness gains from meditating on Beds
- Removed Hostile NPCs and changed Passive NPCs so that they can be slaughtered for their meat once every ten minutes, and respawn after thirty minutes
- Added a fountain and Dino Birds to Hell to supply Demons with Salt Water and Food (Cows and Sheep can spill down from Heaven/Checkpoint as well)
- Added Beds to all planets
- Changed the Say verb so that it can detect sentences with italics as thoughts, and ( ) as LOOC
- Patched Zenkai so you no longer gain it from drowning (This was letting Space Mask give you infinite Zenkai)
- Added Babies/Eggs as spawn options without mating, they will always start as 0.1 years old, and their icon will automatically change at 10 years old
- Recovery and Regeneration are drastically less efficient while below 10% of the respective stat
- Added Alignments (Pure Good, Bright, Innocent, Neutral, Tainted, Blackened, Pure Evil) that change on player kills, and combine when mating
- Added Weights to the Tech tree that require Stone, Titanium, Mystille divided by your Intelligence Mod multiplied by the number of pounds to make
- Added mineral costs to all Tech items
- Added Wool from Sheep that can be harvested every five minutes, and can be used to make clothing
- Added Furs from Dino Birds that can be harvested every five minutes (Temporary clothing icon)
- Patched Gravity so it can kill you if you're knocked unconscious inside of it


Blackclaw185: (Oct 11 2020, 10:25 pm)
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