Bleach: Hollow Flash

by DragonWingRayne
Bleach: Hollow Flash
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Version 2.9
Date added: Jul 19 2010
Last updated: Jan 11
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Map of the Seireitei

Bleach Hollow Flash
is an innovative Bleach game, which is normally updated at least once a day.

Feel free
to report any bugs in the game or on the forum.
And above all else, enjoy yourself.

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PhoenixWBU: (Dec 13, 11:13 pm)
Someone kill soul king again?
SocratesMatt: (Nov 17, 10:24 pm)
Despite not being new player friendly, and by that I mean, power isn't presented on a platter. You actually have to figure stuff out for yourself. (It's actually not that difficult to figure shit out, it's so on canon that the Bleach wikipedia is better than any in game or player written guide, it's just...I feel sorry for future generations who will seemingly be unable to self learn or function on their own y'know?)

This game has an amazing amount of content, if it was in the Manga, it will probably be in this game. As far as content to original source material goes, no fan game on Byond has ever come closer.

There's an interesting faction struggle, especially once there becomes a Quincy Emperor. Plenty of ranks to go for, but even then, if you don't feel like the responsibility, you don't NEED a rank to be worthwhile. Even Human classes stand up fairly well against the likes of Shinigami Captains, the Espada, or Sternritter.

Speaking of Classes, there's a ton.

Shinigami, Quincy, Mediums, Fighters, Substitute Shinigami, Mod Souls, Vaizards, Hollows, Arrancar, Xcution, Wandenreich, Fullbringer. All with tons of paths to go down.
This may sound like a sales pitch...because it is, this games so under rated and deserves more attention.

Tantric1: (Oct 27, 9:53 pm)
Hi guys and gals! Bleach: Las Noches is back under new management and a new name: Soul Society. The public test server is up, and we've been pushing out updates all week.

Once we're stable, we'll focus on additional content and feedback from the community.

Come check it out! Relive the classic Bleach experience.
TheAncientOne: (Sep 18, 12:34 pm)
I figured it was an issue with school, take your time on updates man we understand. I also am currently stressing from college life just use the game as a stress reliever in my spare time.
KaiserMouse: (Sep 18, 12:40 am)
It's all good bud! we understand! <3