Bleach: Hollow Flash

by DragonWingRayne
Bleach: Hollow Flash
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Version 2.9
Date added: Jul 19 2010
Last updated: Jan 11 2017
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Bleach Hollow Flash
is an innovative Bleach game, which is normally updated at least once a day.

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WannaComeAtMeBro: (Mar 8, 10:49 am)

Yesterday Lord Inu was making quite the ruckus by spamming arenas on not only him, but multiple people. I only got one part of it because I'm not too sure what would happen if multiple people were involved, and I didn't want to collude different pieces of evidence together without reason. He was doing this purely for fun. Not only did it lag the server slightly during the time period, but to my knowledge, is against the rules as well. Especially in this caliber!

In this screenshot, he's not only STILL arena'ing people to prove my point from before, but he's also THREATENING to bring down the server. Now this isn't against the rules, however provides further proof that something really needs to be done in order to keep players "in check". Players like Lord Inu (the 1984), Sphax (Sphax), and the 10+ alts he made for not only DEVOURING WHILE HE WAS AN ARRANCAR (no proof, yet), but kept the around to just be logged in during a primitive part of the wipe.

This screenshot is 3rd party. Again, no proof the he DID bring down the server, however he clearly states that he INFACT brought it down. This includes player griefing, constant bringing down of other people by calling them the "n" word (if I posted screenshots here of it, there'd be too much) This should be taken very seriously. People who constantly bash on other players for wanting to continue to play the game while he can bring it down, from what it seems like, in the touch of a button. DISGUSTING!

This one is particular to the admin that was on that time, Carlisle (Sammy321), says that he's pretty lenient, which INCLUDES the abuser. He has been warned, COUNTLESS TIMES JUST TODAY, to stop doing what he was doing ( one screenshot should be sufficient as 10+ players online today being Jail, Karasu, Ryan, Keiga, The Red Skull, Sir Raven, Reich, etc. can all speak for me on this) It's just.. really odd? Someone who's constantly breaking the game in several new ways only to exploit the ones that harm the playability FOR OTHER PLAYERS is being warned over, and over again while the main owner is away for school and work? Seems like some sort of favoritism, and I'm not sure where that stands nor will I continue to speak on.

All and all, nearly 90% of the player base want this man banned, yet he isn't. More toxicity can be seen here ( Lord Inu belitting the admin team, not only griefing but ENCOURAGING THE ADMIN TEAM TO DO IT AS WELL, not cool) those are just a few screenshots from several days at a time. Note how in the very last screenshot you can see how the admin, Carlisle (Sammy321) posted ADMIN LOGS OF WHAT THE OWNER SAID TO TRY AND PROVE A POINT, WHICH WAS A MONTH AGO. It just really hinders the ability for new players to get on, play and existing veterans are tired of it. Please, please, PLEASE do something about it. Thank you.
BlackOps353: (Jan 27, 10:04 pm)
Your comment was obviously unnecessary LOL. But, I'll admit. I was no-lifing the game over my winter break from school and sports. But I still played the game regardless. So don't be a hypocrite. You were no lifing it WAY harder then I was LOL. Also, If me wondering when the game will be up, means I don't have a life, even though I've been keeping busy. Then your just wack fam xD.
Tantric1: (Jan 27, 12:03 pm)
Feel free to make yourself at home at Soul Society while waiting for Rayne's game! You can get your Bleach fix while you wait. You can find us on BYOND. 24/7 uptime. :D
Juubi1225: (Jan 27, 5:45 am)
Damn nigga. Get a fucking a life, you don't even play the game anyways lulz, you stand still hitting a dummy for dayzz.
SixO: (Jan 23, 9:37 am)
I asked about a wipe. In which he replied saying give it 2 weeks. He never said anything about putting back up the game without a wipe.