Bleach: Return Of Souls

by Dragonman59
This is a rip from bleach souls of chaos, its owners allowed me to use it, i only take credits for what i created and mapped. [More]

Currently Unavailable

Version 0.1
Date added: Jun 21 2009
Last updated: Sep 17 2009
Last played: Sep 8 2009
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--BRoS Designers--

Main Owner: Dragonman59

Coder: Phoenix1/Dragonman59/Rjay12

Iconner: Dragonman59

Mapper: Dragonman59

HUB Editior: Phoenix1(NejiUzumaki23)

Host: Komman123 and RJ

Fourms Creators and Editors: Shuhei Hisagi (JayJosh43 and Dragno (Killerdragnolord)



1. Do not ask for Gm in game, go on forums and post an application please.

2. Do not keep spamming on OOC, or anytype of chat or you will be banned

3. Do not ask for edit. There are no edits apart from people who rank the game

4. Please Do not AFK Train, i might make AFK checks Faster

5.Please Do not be racist or discriminate people in any way there will be serious punishments if you do so.


GM Rules

1. Follow ALL of the Player Rules.

2. Do not abuse powers. Two Complaints on a GM will result in the gm being stripped. any more complaints and its a bann.

3. Do not abuse announce use it for special and important reasons only.

4. Do not give any Players special treatment like giving them GM room or Special Training for free.

5. Do not Create anything Without my Permission or you will be stripped and banned.

6)If you slack/abuse to much you will be fired no matter the game.


Squad 0 Captain Commander:Lord Dragno
Squad 1 Captain:
Squad 2 Captain:
Squad 3 Captain:
Squad 4 Captain:
Squad 5 Captain:
Squad 6 Captain:
Squad 7 Captain:
Squad 8 Captain:
Squad 9 Captain:
Squad 10 Captain:
Squad 11 Captain:
Squad 12 Captain:
Squad 13 Captain:


Squad 0 Lieutenant Commander:
Squad 1 Lieutenant:
Squad 2 Lieutenant:
Squad 3 Lieutenant:
Squad 4 Lieutenant:
Squad 5 Lieutenant:
Squad 6 Lieutenant:
Squad 7 Lieutenant:
Squad 8 Lieutenant:
Squad 9 Lieutenant:
Squad 10 Lieutenant:
Squad 11 Lieutenant:
Squad 12 Lieutenant:
Squad 13 Lieutenant:


Espada Leader:
Espada Co-Leader:
Espada #0:
Espada #1:
Espada #2:
Espada #3:
Espada #4:
Espada #5:
Espada #6:
Espada #7:
Espada #8:
Espada #9:


Vaizard King:Heavenly
Vaizard Queen:
Vaizard Prince:
Vaizard Pirncess:
Vaizard Leader:
Vaizard Co-Leader:
Vaizard Knight #1:
Vaizard Knight #2:
Vaizard Knight #3:
Vaizard Knight #4:
Vaizard Knight #5:
Vaizard Knight #6:
Vaizard Knight #7:
Vaizard Knight #8:
Vaizard Knight #9:
Vaizard Knight #10:


--BRoS Staff--

Main Owner: Dragonman
Second Owner: Dragno
Third Owner: Jonas
Fourth Owner: Phoenix1
Fifth Owner: SkylineZ

Head Admin: Kyo Toshie

Master Admin: Lenses

Admin: Yemes

Enforcer: Shinichi Kudo, Shuhei Hisagi, and Rev

Trial Enforcer:

Coming Soon
More arrancar shikais
More shinigami shikais
New Icons
New maps
Cero Oscuras
Vaizard Hideout
Espada Verbs