Finale Retro

by Dragonn
Finale Retro
The Original. The Greatest. The Badest. Finale Retro! [More]
Version 1.75
Date added: Aug 10 2008
Last updated: Feb 15 2013
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byond:// [Old Finale(Updated last:2/19/2015)
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~Finale Retro~

Owner: Hemmy

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This is a Dragonball Z Roleplaying game for all the people who are treated unfairly on other Dragonball Roleplaying games and people who want to have a fun time.

This game will never have any coded admins, (admins that are hard coded into the game, who usually come in and disrupt things even more than the players that admins stop), except us (the designers) and the host(s).
Version 1.75
Date added: Aug 10 2008
Last updated: Feb 15 2013
965 fans


Dark Riku XIII: (Feb 20, 1:38 am)
Server down :\ ?
Chay101: (Feb 15, 8:52 am)
Server is back up after my area had some problems with my ISP now resolved. byond://
Chay101: (Feb 12, 8:54 am)
I've put a server up for the time being. Not quite 24/7 but will be daily byond://
Ryuujin: (Jan 12, 5:14 pm) <- Sept 15 version, also the last version made before the coder left BYOND
Dark Riku XIII: (Jan 11, 4:32 pm)
Going to host a 24/7 Server, with the latest files from this forum. I used to play it back in the day etc, so all are welcome :)