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by Dragonpearl123
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Date added: Nov 1 2014
Last updated: Jan 25 2015
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The Next Level of Gameplay.

A competitive side-scroller with weekly updates, original content and seasoned staff.

Naruto : The Fallen will make your Naruto fights a reality.


The game revolves around ever improving, and more importantly, balanced Team vs Team gameplay in which two teams, Akatsuki & Allied Shinobi forces duke it out. You must wipe out the opposing team to achieve victory for your team.

Boasting an auto-reboot feature, the server will reboot upon the completion of each round so that a new round may take place. With over 100 unique Jutsus, numerous playable characters, quality sprites, and gameplay that keeps on giving; Naruto: The Fallen is sure to not disappoint!

Staff Team

Deathmall - Owner/GFX

XE Silentninja - Co-Owner/Programmer/Iconner

CHI-TOWN OUTLAW - Supreme Staff Member

Firephoenix4355 - Staff Member

Johto - Staff Member

JeffryXD - Staff Support

Dragonpearl123 - Staff Support