War Of The Wizards

by Drakiel
War Of The Wizards
Fast - paced action rpg / shooter [More]

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Date added: Jan 24 2006
Last updated: May 17 2006
Last played: Feb 18 2007
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Alpha Status:
*Over 120+ spells are up
*Train In Dungeons
*Summon your own minions
*Transform into super powered beings
*Team / Party Battle Is 100% Working

1.) How Do I Play?
The first thing you want to do is buy spells from start town. Learned spells go in the SPELLS TAB and you can click on those to do your attack.

2.) How Do I Gain Stats?
You can buy Mana Shards and Health Shards from the dealer at start town, or you can be rewarded through winning tournaments.

3.) How Can I Get More Spells?
If you are in the mood to adventure, ask around and find out were your *element* village is, there you can buy more advanced spells.

4.) I found a bug!
Many spells are untested through all controls so some maybe a little buggy. If you encounter this, please report it on the forums.

5.) How does the Shard System work?
If you have 100 or less Mana or Health (depending on what shard you wanna buy) it will cost 3.5k

If you have 200 or less Mana or Health (depending on what shard you wanna buy) it will cost 4.5k

If you have 300 or less Mana or Health (depending on what shard you wanna buy) it will cost 5.5k etc. etc. etc.

6.) HELP! Im stuck resting/poison/peace/etc!
The reason for this is because you logged out while having a spell effect still on you, therefor you come back with the spell effect on you. Try not to do this, I am still fixing it up.

1.) No spawn killing / camping - boot
2.) No summon spamming (summoning more than one monster) - ban / boot
3.) No cheating / exploiting with other players - BAN BAN BAN
4.) No Dungeon Running (running to end of dungeon just to get prize) - Ban/ Boot
*Dungeons Are Meant To Be Played With A Party*

*Rules are now VERY strict and if you do not folow them, it WILL result in a stat wipe or Ban.


Gooseheaded: (Sep 5 2011, 1:59 am)
Agreed, agreed entirely.
EmpirezTeam: (Sep 5 2011, 12:58 am)
This guy was one of my favorite developers back in the day.
Gooseheaded: (May 16 2011, 1:06 am)
Where the hell are you, Drakiel?