Pokemon Magenta

by Dumb nazat
Pokemon Magenta
Currently heavily updating. Updates include: New icons ,new Pokémon, more shinies and the Battle Frontier! A final Update coming by Z hero man and Piccolo sjj5 [More]

Currently Unavailable

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Date added: Nov 23 2008
Last updated: Apr 9 2009
Last played: Jan 25 2009
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Only Windows users can play this game. If you have an emulator, you can join the waiting list to be informed when a new server is ready to play.

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{background: url("http://purenintendo.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/06/ pfd15.jpg")

A new pokemon game that is still in testing add [email protected] for some help.
Here is a link to the forums: http://pokemonultimania.proboards.com/index.cgi

*No caps. It's considered as yelling, which gets annoying after a while(Results in Mute)
*Please don't swear, it's a kid's game.(Results in mute.)
*Do Not Spam (Results in Mute/Boot)
* Gymleaders and E4 may only have pokemon types of their gym.
*No blocking pathways. (Results in Boot/Ban)
*Be polite to all players.
*No killing wild pokemon. (Ban)
*No catching other players. (Boot/Ban)
*Please don't annoy the GMs for something(Mute/Boot)
*Dont't ask or PM for owners it gets annoying as hell. (Mute/boot/ban)
*Don't advertise other games it takes our people away. (boot/IP ban)
* No asking for shinies or legendaries (Results in Mute/Boot)
*Don't come play if you want GM as soon as you join.
*Host should not bann at any circumstance without a good reason(not permitted to bann a co owner,owner or gm)
*NO ASKING FOR RESOURCES(This includes Mappers, Coders, Iconners, Icons, Codes, Maps, and the Game Souce) (Immediate Boot/Ban/IPBan)

All Places are open

Gym leader Rules:
* Open you gym at least once a day
* Do not use Max stats. It makes it virtually impossible for you to be beaten.

NOTE FROM SHINWHO: I would like to thank everyone who made something that I put in this game, such as the guild codes, the source, and the admin system.

Note from the Kit-Kat: It's Katona here. I just want to say thanks for trying out the game, and we hope you enjoy it! I'm also looking for any icon donations you may have. I will reward you if the icons are ones I don't have. Post them on the forums and I'll take a look!

Dumb nazat: Check out our christmas pic
http://i357.photobucket.com/albums/oo18/arekan/ scrnshot1-1.png

Owner: Dumb nazat,Shinwho, Katona,Gojan,Splater56
Co-owners:Z hero man,Daniel,piccolo sjj5
Mapper: Daniel,Dumb nazat,piccolo sjj5,z hero man
Coder: Shinwho,paul,gojan,
Iconner: Dumb nazat,Katona,paul,forgot user

New gyms thanx to :Z hero man,piccolo sjj5

Now for gym leader reqs all gym leader must have 4 types of the same type of pokemon they ar going for minimum level of 800.


Helper:Digidigi 125

Hoster: Shin who,Mystic(dan)

Gm level 3:Blaze Lightning,Dawgzombie

Gm level 2:Iceteen21

Gm level 1:Gallade300

Admin:Flysbad,Raiketsulily,Chidori309, Chidori64

Apply on forum for gm

Fire - Youngj2305

Water -

Poison -

Rock -

Grass -

Ghost -

Flying -

Thunder -

E4 reqs 6 of the same type 2400+




Dragon -

Champion -

To become a GL/E4/Leader, you must be ingame for atleast 5 days and be ready to accept

Team leaders 600 + 6 pokemon of type. They also get a certain pokemon

Magma(Groundon) Fire and Ground type -

Aqua(Kyogre)Water and Ice -

Ranger (Shiny celebi or giratina)Any pkmn - Kee

Hunter (Any ledgendary or shinie ledgendary)Any Pkmn - Yobi

Battle fronteir: Must have the reqs

(Beat Piccolo sjj5,Daniel,Dumb nazat or Katona in a battle) Pike-

(Get 4 badges) Factory-

(Beat the e4 champ no badges needed) Palace-Frogman803

(Have atleast 2 ledgendaries not palkia) Tower- Z hero man

(Get a Regigigas through a event then report to Dumb nazat) Pyramid-Gallade300

(Get atleast one pokemon with level 1200)Arena-

(Have a mixed team with no ledgends or shinie)Dome-

Gms or Admin can not have Battle frontier(factory,palace are aloud)


Piccolo sjj5: (May 1 2021, 4:56 am)
Just dropping in. So nostalgic looking at this right now :)

- Piccolo sjj5
Dumb nazat: (May 25 2011, 6:01 am)
immma bring the game back
Piccolo sjj5: (Apr 4 2011, 9:23 am)
Ahhh, the memorys :)

- Piccolo sjj5
Twielight: (May 9 2009, 12:44 pm)
do they have leganderys
Meep14: (May 6 2009, 6:14 am)
OMFG what happened to this game!? BTW I used to be the fire GL on dees game but I looked on the hub and someone else is so can I be water GL? XD