Bleach: Unspoken Memories

by Edo_Epsilon
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Version 1.5
Date added: Jun 7 2009
Last updated: Jun 30 2010
Last played: Apr 1 2012
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Welcome to Bleach:Unspoken Memories

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Game Rules

1- No AFK training allowed, only AFK Meditating (unless free AFK mode is on )

2- Do not deviate death by logging off.

3- Do not avoid the filter

4- Do not ask For Rank changes.

5- Multikeying is Allowed.

6- Do not dis-respect anyone (they could be sensative).

7- Do not abuse any bugs, report them to a designated GM.

8- Do not ask a GM for an edit, it will result in a warning then an immediate IP Ban

9- please leave your stupidity at the log in screen... not only will it stop pathetic conversations but it will also stop the GM from hating you... which most already do.

10- Choose a respectable RP name, and please nothing from the series. if you do a Gm will rename you and i promise it wont be anything you like... deal

GM Code of Conduct

1- Dont abuse your powers, enough complaints and ill strip you of your rank
2- Avoid edit at all cost
3- Dont pick on weaker players just becasue you can
4- Abs. no tele kills
5- Assist players if needed

6- Help plan for future events

7- Find any bugs that need fixing

.:'~Bleach: Unspoken Memories~':.

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It was a dark ominous night in central Tokyo, Japan. Rain fell from the heavens like the tears of a burdened widow. Flashes in the sky lit the rough faces of those who protect our world. Swords drawn join alongside the ranks of the Shinigami or fall to the evil of the Arrancar. The Battles Between Hollows And Shinigami has begun; Choose Your Destiny Become A Legend Of Your Race And A Tyrant For Another

Staff Members

Aukira Menji(Edo_Epsilon)- Game Owner, Lead Coder, Primary Iconner, Lead Mapper, Hub Designer,

Light(Shadow918)- Ideas Man, Iconner

(Need a Triceru Iconner) - Iconner

Bon (Bontedu) - Host

With special thanks to Mike(Vai God69) for coding referance and ideas pitched

I am currently in the process of looking for new staff members. If your interested message me on MSN for further detail.

________________New To Come_________________

~New Icons (Always improving)
~Remapped Earth, Soul Society, Hueco Mundo (Done)
~New Kido System (Done)
~New Kido (added 3 original, reiconned others)
~New Skin
~Hougokyo Wars (Done)
~New Shikai (Matsumoto & Dark Done)
~New Bankai
~Re-Iconned Hitsu Bankai (Done)
~Re-Iconned Ikkaku Bankai
~Re-Iconned Renbji Shikai (Done)
~Re-Iconned Grimmjow Ress (Done)
~Squad special abilities
~Guild Houses
~New Hollows
~Arrow Training (Done but w/o timer - Soon to Come -)
~Added moves for certain shikai/bankai
~Renji Baboon Bone Cannon (Done)
~Squad Seats (Done)
~View Player Ranks (Done)

~New Ressurrections including Hailbel (50% Done), Nnoitora (50% Done), Yammy and Barrigon


InsertAliasHere: (Apr 3 2012, 10:01 am)
BUM is dead, there are no updates, and we can't even find the source. The only way to revive it is to get a hold of one of the owners, who have all seemed to disappear from the internet. The version I was hosting was too broken to continue without updates, so I quit. I'm now hosting Light's other game, Bleach: Setsuzoku Ryuukei. Feel free to play, it will be on the same BYOND address as BUM was.
Abel15: (Apr 2 2012, 9:32 am)
is the game going to be back up
Chrisbaker182: (Apr 1 2012, 2:56 pm)
why is the game down?
InsertAliasHere: (Mar 29 2012, 3:27 pm)
Actually Morton, you were banned by me for simultaneously AFK training and bug abusing.
Morton1: (Mar 27 2012, 10:42 pm)
Unreasonably rage banned by ozz
awaiting assistance