by EnvyAttraction
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Date added: Oct 23 2011
Last updated: Dec 16 2013
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We are in beta-testing, so don't be dis-encouraged if there is a feature not working- report it!

Original Programmer: EnvyAttraction
Main Programmers: Nightmare Zarkus, Amatsu Darkfyre
  • Chewyy Mapping
  • Deadron Some list handling operations in code.



Blasterdark64: (Apr 9, 3:09 am)
For some reason when I try to connect to the server the byond game is starting thing dissppers and 5 mins later nothing happens sometimes it works but it says connection failed why is this?
Masatake: (Mar 22, 4:58 am)
Hi, i wana show u guys, a byond hub with rips/anime games:
The old site was visted by over 3000 Ppl, soo Doniu has made a new ,better version of it..On new site u see :
-Better graphic
-More infromations abount games
-New games
* site still on beta stage.
OreoBoss98: (Mar 9, 5:54 pm)
Lag. Too. Strong.
The True sayian: (Feb 15, 8:56 am)
I recently joined byond and found this game tried to connect to it snice I like rp games and when I did it said I am banned and that was my first time even trying to log into the game why is this?
Xyren: (Feb 14, 7:22 am)

I'm currently trying to find some new projects to host in an effort to help out the community. If you are interested in some high quality % no lag hosting then don't hesitate with contacting me.

Add me on Skype "Xyren92" for a chat.

(I also have an auto update system that allows you to update without relying on me)

PS: I can host a website/forum either as a subdomain of my own."Yourgamehere" Or if you have a domain name you can point it towards my server.