Soul Society

by Ephemerality
Soul Society
A turn-based RPG game, loosely based around Bleach and other RPGs. [More]

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Version 2.0
Date added: Aug 8 2008
Last updated: Feb 19 2015
Last played: Jul 17 2017
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This is an RPG game with a turn-based battle system, loosely based on Bleach and other RPGs.

You start as a normal adventurer stranded on an island full of hollows that must be eradicated in order for you level up and continue through the world as a Shinigami or a Captain-class fighter.
You must also enlist the help of two adventurers that you will train and fight with in your travels that can eventually be trained as various other classes.

This is the official continuation of Von Fanel's Soul Society.

Zekeiel - Icons, various ideas

The Killing Joke
Sentinal01 - Also mapped the new zone
Matokushin - Spell effects
ANBU Kunoichi

Title Screens

Old Credits
Von Fanel: Original creator
SSJeice: Captain icons
Gokou-Kun: Button, banner
DevilishLightning: Unit icons
Meh000: Town turfs

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