Duel Monsters Genesis

by EternalDuelistSoul
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Version 7.3
Date added: Jan 23 2010
Last updated: Dec 13 2014
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Duel Monsters Genesis
It's time to Duel! [More]

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Can you become the next King of Games?

No Adverts. No Fees. Just Dueling.

  • 9000 Cards (Anime & OCG Included)
  • Free Roaming and original content.
  • Items that trigger special duel situations.
  • Face-off against duelists wielding legendary cards.
  • Drag & Drop Dueling / Editing.
  • Point Duels & Tournaments
  • Anime Inspired.
  • Community driven.
A Note to New Players; Initial Resource Downloading will take a while, and you will see a black screen during this time. Please remain patient as it cannot be avoided.

This program is not affiliated with Konami ® or the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game®. No funds or profits are gained from it. The "Yu-Gi-Oh!" brand and all related names, characters, sounds and images remain the property & trademarks of the Konami Corporation ® and Kazuki Takahashi ©

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