Naruto: Eternal Memories

by Eternal_Memories
Version 4.90
Date added: Dec 6 2011
Last updated: Sunday
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Naruto: Eternal Memories
A Naruto sidescroller game where the fun is guaranteed! Come take a step in and enjoy the battling! [More]

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Eternal Productions Team

Eternal Memories

Creator, Game Programmer, Game SFX, HUB Designer.

NEM is a Naruto® game where the fun is guaranteed. Enjoy fighting in a massive Team versus Team sidescroller environment, feel the battle deep inside as you beat the enemy village.

The game's basis is to defeat the entire enemy team to win a round. Every round the game's server will Auto-Reboot for a new round to take place in.

Genuine player controls that makes it easy to perform a Jutsu. Good and stunning graphics that will make you want more and more from us.

Come take a step in!

Game Features:

  • A huge Character-base to select from.
  • No abusive GMs or Overpowered players. This is a fair-to-all game!
  • Awesome graphics that will keep you in.
  • Forget about training a character, just fight!
  • This game has been programmed in order to be safe!
  • A balanced gameplay that will ensure your enjoyment.
  • Updates do occur weekly or even daily and yet small updates!

  • Disclaimer: We're not affiliated with TOEI Animation® nor Naruto®.
    All the Anime/Manga ideas as well as Character-names, sprites and so on are property of their respective owners (Mashashi Kishimoto).

    This is a fangame and no profits are earned from it.
    Copyright © 2014 Eternal Productions. All rights reserved.


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Tjbullard: (Feb 25, 12:21 pm)
Hmm, maybe give a guesstament as to when itll be back up?
PtvKiraSuicide: (Feb 25, 12:05 pm)
someone must of really did a number.. this time.
Lcazor555: (Feb 24, 4:02 pm)
Another ddos attack?
Doom2u: (Feb 24, 6:51 am)
we shrugged it off because if he chooses to do so there isn't really anything we can do to stop him. I suppose we could fund a 200$ server every month to prevent DDOS attacks. But besides that there isn't really much we can do but shrug it off and know it will stop shortly lol
Crystal232: (Feb 24, 6:47 am)
That's typical, you should check the logs, if possible, since someone said he hated the game doss time. We all shruged him off, buuuut...