Dead State

by Evi of au

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Date added: Jun 22 2015
Last updated: Jun 23 2015
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Strategy/RPG I am working on.

Demo -


Maximus_Alex2003: (Jun 23 2015, 6:31 pm)
Yeah, the file-host was atrocious. Anyways, the demo was nice. I liked it so far. I think there may be an issue with archers being able to spam-click targets. For the next release you should really have a movement-counter so we know how many steps we have left, and maybe a way to have keyboard and click-to-move movement.
Zecronious: (Jun 23 2015, 6:21 pm)
Use a better file hoster. I looked at my download and it had 500kb (time left: 3 minutes).