Heroes United

by Falacy
Version 1422
Date added: Jul 3 2011
Last updated: Dec 19 2016
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[PVP | (v1352) Players: 8/Unlimited | UpTime: 234:09]
Hosted by Falacy

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ChosenWon: (Mar 31, 7:19 pm)
Guys how do I get on Kamis lookout I cant and I need a dragonball
Yusuke11: (Mar 26, 5:27 pm)
LOL tfw people think they own the game just cause they got their own servers LOLOL
Merinhu: (Mar 10, 7:28 am)
Please, fix tutorial bug "Pressing Q button".
Falacy: (Mar 7, 12:11 am)
The only form of admin is abuse.
Garafolawesome3: (Feb 19, 11:01 pm)
Shadow Rider, you were caught disrespecting GM's whom in fact do not abuse the titles that were given to them. You, on the other hand, sit here and continuously belittle my GM's for no apparent reason other than inaccurate accusations of abuse. My playerbase and GMs are nothing but helpful and supportive you inconsiderate buffoon. Also, not only that, but you were also spamming chat with absolute non-sense that me, my gms, nor my regular players wanted to hear. All my players regardless of their title including myself train fairly with the in-game features provided. You were unbanned today, so you are being given one more change but that is it you hear me?