Naruto Six Paths

by FallenArk96
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competitive pvp and gms on and touranments everyday


AaronChandler120: (Oct 19 2017, 4:37 pm)
i guess nice reward i bet
i have an idea for reanimation its long so ill try to explan what i think should happen and keep it short
if you know what it is then here we go i havnt played this yet but i think you kill a npc take its dna go to a npc to get the summon of the npc you killed then you can summon it
my idea is dif
you kill a player take there dna find a living player then use the jutsu called "make host"
you have a scroll thats why you need dna for the jutsu to work ofc if you have dna from the dead bodys of other players you can click the scroll and change your selection in this case you click the scroll get a popup then select a name if you have non no popup if you have 1 that one is selected by defalt and cant be changed unless you have anther
even then making a living player a host might be hard they need to be still them moving interupts the proc even them or you geting killed also interupts it but once its complet the host dies and in there place is your edo
you want the player to stand still use a genjutsu they cant get out of or use a freez ninjutsu like chidori senbon the proc takes a few secs to complete but its worth it
they have the same jutsu as there player counterpart
now heres a list of jutsu you get for your edo after that pros and cons

summon:summon your reanimated edo
store:unsummons your edo and stores them in a coffin which there safe and can be resummond any time (using the jutsu above this one)
reanimation link/cancel: lets you control your edo remotly and there jutsu can even go back to your own body vai clicking cancel

keeps jutsu and stats
can store multi edos in one coffin dont need to get a coffin shows up in your inventory when you unsummon your edo
can regin chakra slowly over time
if your edo gets destroyed find a living player dont need to get dna again so no worrys
cant summon multi edos at once one at a time
can be destroyed if it takes enough dmg
how long it takes depends on its hp stat
cant reg hp

ok and thats it..sorry it was long if you have any ideas or think somthing needs to be changed just leave a reply..sorry if i misspelled a few things kiraex2
KiraEx2: (Oct 19 2017, 3:56 pm)
yeah you can mix sharingan and haku clan....they hosted a tournament called FUSION CLAN, yesterday, about skills they are good but i would want to see more original skills, anime is good and i dont mind those skills, but i think there must be more original skills, like every game have the skills from guess you got my point
AaronChandler120: (Oct 19 2017, 3:27 pm)
fallenark isnt on right now..i mean he might be i messaged him but no replys
and clans get the jutsu they have from the anime cant mix sharigan with haku clan you watched naruto before i dont mean to be mean
also if fallenark replys tell him to reply to me plz
KiraEx2: (Oct 19 2017, 3:15 pm)
Was writing from ipad so beware to see grammar mistakes due to my auto correct
KiraEx2: (Oct 19 2017, 3:15 pm)
I was just wondering if you add those costum secret skills for an yuki clan(not all of them my ideas, but I found them cool) okay so, arctic wolf summon for combat, arctic fox for tracking(can search those things like secret caves for clans, Npc, players, achievable through becoming jounin/anbu, rising genjutsu stat, and learnable from a haku npc(another one, to help track people that need help, missing nins, and if mastered, you can find those secrets npc faster, to learn sage mode and other clans like black lightning, MS[if you have fusion clan like that, would be useful], arctic owl for sending a private messages(might be achievable with anbu rank, or jounin rank, so if they doing kill akatsuki mission they can make up plan, or yuuki clan member through arctic fox, can tell where they located[can be seen by admins, so you can't tell secrets of game to people]. ) Now the genjutsu skills. If you using genjutsu called icycle you getting stabbed with lots of shards and you stunned, those shards takes a bit of enemy chakra and stuns him/her for as much time as genjutsu skill leveled. Next genjutsu is Cold As Ice, that is a only stunning jutsu, and nothing more. and maybe you will add an ICE sage mode....what I mean is like hashirama had wood sage mode, it's unlocks very powerful skill, called DAWN of the ICE AGE, this skill releases an ice floor and anyone who touches it getting stunned by an ice, as ice spikes rises from ground and stabs you. Another one is ice mirror forest. It's like that Haku skill with senbons expect it's way bigger and you able to move the ice walls and even lock you enemy in a trap, where he/she can't get out, then after wards you using senbons, kunais, anything throwable to attack you enemy. But he can attack you also. Ice sage mode gives you boost to ninjutsu, genjutsu, and throwing skills. So it's means in this mode you skills can damage you opponent way more then it was before, but since it's op, it's should have decent or big cooldown. So how's my idea?