Naruto Ominous Shadows

by Fatboy12
An Amazing Fast Pased Naruto Game! [More]

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Version 1.0
Date added: Jul 19 2012
Last updated: Aug 1 2013
Last played: Nov 4 2013
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Fixing everything.. Maps, clans, verbs, updating jutsu ect.

Main Owners: Grim

Co Owners

Coder: Zarin
Mapper: Zarin
GFX: Open
Iconner: Ayama

Kage positions: Won by tournament for Shodai. Concurrent kages are chosen by the previous kage.

Org leaders: Challenge Rin for spots. You must follow his rules.

Possible orgs:

Team Taka Pictures, Images and Photos
Taka: Open(Leader must be Sasuke style Uchiha)[Must have 1 medic, 1 doton villager, 1 mist villager(or water techniques of some sort)
akatsuki Pictures, Images and Photos
Leader: Open
Member: Open
Member: Open
Member: Open
Member: Open
Member: Open
Member: Open
Member: Open
Member: Open
Member: Open

sound 5 Pictures, Images and Photos
Sound 5-
Leader: Kaito Namikaze
Member: Dragonpearl
Member: Naruto Uzumaki
Member: Open
Member: Open

7 swordsmen Pictures, Images and Photos
Seven Swordsmen(Made by Mizukage)(Challenge holder to gain):
Swords Holders
Shibuki: Havoc
Kabutowari: Open
Hiramekarei: Open
Samehada: Rainbow Dash @[email protected]
Kubikiri o Hanchou: Open
Nuibari: Rin
Kiba: Open

Uchiha clan (symbol) Pictures, Images and Photos
Police Force (Uchiha only): Open

Kage Positions

Raikage: Rin Arashi
Raisage: Open

Hokage: Leon Asakura
Hosage: Open

Kazekage: Captain
Kazesage: Open

Mizukage: Havoc
Mizusage: Open

Tsuchikage: Open
Tsuchisage: Open

Otokage: Kaito Namikaze
Otosage: Open

Matatabi(2): Pharaoh
Isobu(3): Min
Son Goku(4): Kai
Kokuo(5): Ayama
Saiken(6: Rose
Chobu(7) Rin
Gyuki(8): Fugaku
Kurama(9): Ezael


Zoblod: (May 28 2013, 12:08 pm)
I love this game
InfernalCrow: (Apr 24 2013, 2:21 pm)
Don't like the game? Then get lost. No one is forcing you to play. Got a problem with the staff? Tell us, we might be able to fix it. We're working on the game trying to make it enjoyable.
Alpha369: (Apr 12 2013, 5:47 am)
Completely..retarded -_-
Dark-DVF: (Mar 30 2013, 6:21 pm)
If the Moderator sucks, means the game sucks. This is poorly Programmed.
Coder: Zarin // Heck? Coder, My ass
Back-up Mapper: Zarin // If I go to hospital or something?
Full-time Mapper: Open // Isn't the back-up a full time for now?
Iconner: Ash/Grim //Iconner? Everything's ripped there, bruh

I'm not against Fan-Games nor am I against rips. But this game's a shameful game..
Isaiah2449: (Mar 30 2013, 5:06 am)
gm's make this game lame i got banned becasue my connection kept failing at the making char point kind of abusive banning with out a good reason its not like i can talk in ooc when your making a char. im not going to say the game sucks since i like it but thats pretty abusive gm's dont even ask for a explaination