Naruto Rise of Waterfall

by Firecarl
Naruto Rise of Waterfall
My first naruto game enjoy it when its done [More]

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Date added: Nov 7 2009
Last updated: Aug 10 2011
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Naruto Rise of Waterfall
Based off a game we play now we made our own league and it was the Waterfall Village so we made a game the owners so far their keys are Kazuki Shikimori, Dreadline, and Firecarl this is all of our first game to be made we will have experienced Coders Iconers etc. if you wish to be one tell us why you think you should be one and send us a example we will see who's the best and chose them also we treat everyone fairly we have all kage spots open

Ok experience an all new shinobi story line with epic challenges ahead and new enemies new clans amazing new doujutsu, summonings,jutsus and, 2 brand new transformations as you battle off the akatsuki and recive medals and exprerience new types of training and the heros water experience the new Legendary Assasins Sharingan and its AMAZING Mangekyou

Some of the things are just made up and created but thats what makes the game fun

Owners:Kazuki Shikimori,Firecarl,Dreadline

Coders/Back-up Coders:Thomas Kenpachi,Firecarl

Iconners:Kazuki Shikimori,Firecarl,13soulkiller


Host/Back-up Hosts:N/A

Akatsuki Leader:Kazuki Shikimori
Akatsuki Co-Leader:13soulkiller
Akatsuki Member #1:Open
Akatsuki Member #2:Open
Akatsuki Member #3:Open
Akatsuki Member #4:Open
Akatsuki Member #5:Open
Akatsuki Member #6:Open
Akatsuki Member #7:Open

Hawk/Hebi Leader:Open
Hawk/Hebi Member#1:Open
Hawk/Hebi Member#2:Open
Hawk/Hebi Member#3:Open

Seven Swordsmen Leader:Open
SSM Member#2:Open
SSM Member#3:Open
SSM Member#4:Open
SSM Member#5:Open
SSM Member#6:Open
SSM Member#7:Open

any questions comments report to Kazuki Shikimori