Harry Potter: The Wizards' Life

by FiveUSSJ
Harry Potter: The Wizards' Life
Original game with own icons and maps! Come and enjoy, 24/7! [More]

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Version 3,0
Date added: Jul 8 2008
Last updated: Aug 31 2010
Last played: Apr 30 2009
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Harry Potter: The Wizards' Life

As title says this game allows you to feel like real wizard. At start you appears on part of muggle world. You just bought your first wand. It's time to start education in Hogwarts. Find King's Cross and than throught the wall go to Platform 9 and 3/4.You can now sit in Hogwarts Express. You arrived to Hogsmeade - small wizard's town near Hogwarts. Sit in the boat and arrive to the castle. This game can be called real Role Play. At last you can feel like Hogwart's Student. Participe at classes and events like Tri Wizard Tourney. Read Books to make your Magic Power Higher, kill monsters, cast spells and participe in classes to gain Levels. If your Magic Power Level and Level as high enough ask Headmaster Five for Hogwarts Graduate Certificate what is needed to buy house and as adult wizard leave Hogwarts and live in small magic village called Godric Hollow. Than you can choose: become brave Auror, mighty Shadow, courageous Member of Order Of The Phoenix or scary and evil Death Eater.

Thanks to Ragnarok HGM for source that taught me coding.
(Please note day by day coding from the old source is being removed. currently only a verb gm and spell verbs remains as the old game, also some icons)
Important Changes

Best weather system you ever meet

A large amount of coding

Introducing 3D Classes and icons

Much new Spells

FFAMDM - Free For All Magical Death Match!

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Bluedragonjrm: (Apr 27 2009, 5:09 pm)
this gmae sounds cool is it ever going to be up or is this just an empty advertisment