Greek Myths(online rp game)

by Flash96
Greek Myths(online rp game)
Awsome online rp greek game!! [More]

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Date added: Aug 7 2011
Last updated: Aug 20 2012
Last played: Jul 15 2012
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Owner/admin/Icconer: Flash96
Co Owner/Admin/Coder: Gamer95/UNHOLYDEVILS
Head admin/Icconer: Gavinman00
Host/Admin level 2:Malcolm1rock
1. No Alts
3. Respect Everyone.
4. No Trolling etc. etc.
5. Do not talk about Derez on this dam server. Hes a fail.
6. No spamming one word sentence more then 3 times you will be.
7. don't call admin help more then 4 times we here you.

Story Line
Zeus along with his brothers Hades,and Poseidon they finally overthrew there farther Cronus.They place him in the Tartarus along with other titans.They was guard by Hades which was trick to rule the underworld having his 3 head pet dog watch the Tartarus along with the hundred hand.

Cronus cause major damage to the world the gods are slowly rebuilding it to it normal glory but Cronus children still walk the earth.The vampire,werewolf,lizard men,Gargoyles,and fallen titans.They still attack in there rage the gods are trying not to go down in earth to uphold there powers and skills.So instead they send demi gods offspring to fight there battle personal battle due to Zeus rule about gods coming to earth.Will they over throw man kind or will the god wrath come before them...

As many days as days have past a town know as valdon dare test the gods.Zeus send Hades to destroy the town he did it with ease some man are acting out against the gods.Oceanus and Poseidon is at the state of war for control over the ocean.Who will win will the gods win back over man prayers??
Zeus(Taken Flash96)
Poseidon(Taken Oran123 )
Hades(Taken Gavinman00)
Athena(open role play for it)( female rank only)
Ares(Taken Reaperofleaf13)
Hephaestus (Terrell1000)
Hermes (Taken Chaosninja01 )
Apollo(Taken XxHidanxX13)
Oceanus(God/titian Taken Plasmodiom)
Artemis(Taken Icecream11)( female rank only)
Demi gods
Demi god:Malcolm( Malcolm1rock Hades son)
Demi god:open
Demi god:(Saya-Neko Daughter of Zeus)
Titan leader Cronus(Taken Holybond)Trap
Titan co leader Atlas(Open)Trap
Titan member(Taken DhatBoiNick)Free

Vampire leader(Open role play for it)
Vampire Co leader(open)
Vampire member(open)
Vampire member(open)
Vampire member(open)

Lizard men Leader(open role play for it)
Lizard member(open)
Lizard member(open)
Lizard member(open)

Fish leader(open role play for it)
Fish M(open)
Fish M(open)
Fish M(open)

Werewolf leader(open must role play for it)
Werewolf M(open)
Werewolf M(open)
Werewolf M(Open)

Gargoyles leader(G-Master Goyle)
Gargoyles M(Open)
Gargoyles M(open)
Gargoyles M(open)

All ranks must be active all ranks must be role play for at less say other wise on hub./


Dr.Penguin: (Jul 15 2012, 9:49 pm)
Make me vampire leader
Flash96: (Jul 12 2012, 10:12 pm)
Umm thank you I surely think we can used you in v1 i map so it may really suck but I tryed. add my key flash96 we can talk busyiness soon..
Dr.Penguin: (Jul 12 2012, 3:42 pm)
I would be happy to become the mapper