Jigan Spiral

by FluffyKitten
Jigan Spiral
A Fantasy RPG that will have you begging for more [More]

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Date added: Jul 13 2008
Last updated: Aug 8 2015
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This is my first real game, So don't judge me too harshly.

Jigan Spiral is a game that will allow a player to explore a Class system so intricate that how you decide to play the game the results can vary For Example

You could be a Knight who decides to dabble in magic and advance to the Paladin class, but alas your Alignment to the side of darkness will not allow this change and you fall further from grace as you become a feared Dark Knight.

I have just started coding the basics and will have a testable version hopefully by next week.

I need Iconners badly, I am no artist. The game consists of horrible squares O_O

Contact me at Aika_hiragi@hotmail.com

Many Thanks to
Matt- My buddy and Error Checker
Isashu-- Thankies for Gfx (Enjoy the Enchanting)

May you rest in Peace Kitty... XOXO Matthew