Creed II: Return of the Warriors

by Galeblade_1
This is the sequel to the original Creed:A Swordsmans Oath game. [More]

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Date added: Sep 21 2009
Last updated: Jan 30 2010
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Only Windows users can play this game. If you have an emulator, you can join the waiting list to be informed when a new server is ready to play.

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Due to certain circumstance the original creed has been decided to shut down. In this new version there will be a Few less race but alot more skills and quest to complete.

Now with new races 7 elements and over 150 different skill the new creed will begin its first hosting Debut between January 29th and February 10th. We Hope to see you there soon :D.


Owner = Galeblade_1 (Kurisutofaa)

Co-Owner(s) = Sanoske13

GM(s)5 =

GM(s)4 = Zero22 (Cloud/Pie)

GM(s)3 = Crimson Hatake

GM(s)2 = Inferint Long

GM(s)1 = Chasellion

Host(s) = Galeblade_1(Temp), Zero22(Temp)

Forum will be wiped an renewed for version 2.0

For a Position e-mail me at Galeblade_1. (Must be able to code, icon, map, or gfx for positions at the moment.)

What to Expect?
New Races
Fixed Element System
New Leveling System
More Monsters
Armor for Each Class
Weapons For Each Class
Balanced Game play
More Role plays
Faster Responses to Issues/Bugs
New/Balanced Organizations & Titles
More Skills
More Quest
Better/More Consistent Maps
More Frequent In game and Forum Events
And Much, Much More!
As you can see we Got a lot to look forward too. Once the Forum is up and running be the first ones to Sign up. The first 25 non-administrative players will receive a special gift from the Owner, me Kurisu!

Rules and Regulations:

As all Game do this one comes with a standard set of rules and regulations. These go for players as well as administration.

1. Absolutely No Spamming or Flaming is allowed on this Game.
2. No EZ or AFK training is allowed.
3. Do not and I repeat DO NOT ASK FOR GM!
4. No Posting of Offensive/Graphical Explicit Material.
5. Bug/Glitch abuse will not be tolerated.
6. Please refrain from profanity. (Please keep the OOC-Chat PG - PG-13....)
7. Asking/Arguing with staff about there use of power is not tolerated. Report any signs of power abuse/misuse directly to ME or a higher up admin.
8. Please All characters must be made with realistic names. (No Bobbert12372 or ZZ_Kid Killazzzzzz)
9. Including all other affiliates to this game, Do not Spam/Advertise another Byond game. Conversation about one is accepted unless otherwise dictated.
10. Please refrain from spam killing or killing without reason when game is set into RP mode. Also refrain from safe-zone attacking, AFK killing, summon killing, banishing (without RP reason...) etc...

~Extra GM Rules~
11. Do not abuse your powers on the game. (Summoning with gm skills, teleporting to players to kill them, teleporting to monsters/items to move faster through the game, etc...)
12. Do not use powers on a player because they may have cause trouble for you/other game administration on another game. This is profiling, and that is bad. (Sub 11..)
13. Respect the players, and treat them fairly, I gave you your power I can take them away.
14. Do not edit your/another players stats/skills without my consent or a good logical reason. (No...Because you want to be the strongest person in game is not a good reason).

RP Rules Shall be Posted in game.

Upcoming Events
Free Experience Day - The first 5 days of Creed II official opening. Experience bonuses will be multiplied 10x for these 5 days be sure your there. (Envisioned Dates 02/10/2010-02/14/2010 Actual Dates: ??/??/2010-??/??/2010)

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