Naruto: The Ninja Legacy Unleashed

by GamingDudeMaster15
Naruto: The Ninja Legacy Unleashed
I had to start over again. The game is very basic right now. only a few clans but, still enjoyable. [More]

Medals Earned

No players have earned any medals yet.

Medals Available

The New Beginning

Became 1st kage of your village

Your Alligence to your village

became the captain of your Villages anbu sqaud


if u ranked my game

The Founder of the Akatsuki

Became the akatsuki leader

The Founder of The 7SM

became leader of 7SM

Best Friend Killer

you have killed your best friend in serch for MS

Your inevitable misson.

you have killed everyone else that is in your clan

Determined to be better.

You have been killed more than 1000 times.

Assassin's Quest

You have 1000 or more kills.

The land of riches.

You have collected all the Yen that you can possibly attain.

NNLU's Ultimate Ninja

You are ranked number one on the scoreboard.

NNLU's Most Dangerous

You are ranked number one in the Bingo Book.