Dragon Ball Z: Tatakai

by Giyaritsuku Hou
Dragon Ball Z: Tatakai
The next generation of BYOND DBZ gaming is almost here. Are you up for the challenge? [More]

Currently Unavailable

Version 2.0
Date added: Dec 14 2005
Last updated: Sep 12 2006
Last played: Nov 21 2006
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Dragon Ball Z: Tatakai

"Everything else was just training...here is where the training wheels come off and the real fight begins."

First there was DragonBall Zeta. Then there was Dragonball Live 2. After seeing countless Zeta and Elysium(which IS practically Zeta) edits out on the block and horrible tries at a new DBZ hit DM game, aren't you ready for something new? It's coming folks, the third generation. Get ready to experience DBZ like no other. It's time to power up.


Programmer: Giyaritsuku Hou

Pixel Artist: Giyaritsuku Hou

Graphics Designer: Giyaritsuku Hou

Mapper: Giyaritsuku Hou

Moderators*: Divine Apprentice, Kantos, Keeth, Manabu, So_Fly351, Tresquad

*: Listed in ALPHABETICAL order.