Lands Of Legend

by Godsring
Lands Of Legend
An rpg full of life and wonder ready for you to explore or conquer? [More]
To download this game for your Linux/Mac installation, enter this on your command line:

DreamDownload byond://Godsring.LandsOfLegend##version=0

Emulator users, in the BYOND pager go to File | Open Location and enter this URL:


Version v1.0
Date added: Oct 12 2016
Last updated: Nov 3 2019
Last played: Jun 18
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Lands of Legend is a single unit RPG crafting killing conquering kings queens of multiple races. Come enjoy in the fun legally the source is now officially released as well for everyone to have fun tinker and make their own mods.

Alternative hubs will be removed. Stolen content will be DMCAed. Have a nice day and have fun sincerely Godsring.


Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies of this license document, but changing it is not allowed. Protection Status


Puckaboo2: (Sep 4, 1:48 pm)
This game is pretty much abandonware at this point; nobody is updating the code to function with the newer versions of BYOND, so it keeps crashing. I've made an attempt to fix the crafting glitches and correct tons of grammatical and spelling errors, but I cannot test them because I cannot keep the server up long enough to test the code. Dream Daemon completely crashes after maybe 10 minutes maximum and 2 minutes minimum.
Meeshdragon: (Aug 22 2020, 9:59 pm)
I was an admin for jonithin, ginseng, and lionsroar, quitting the game only when nerseus and sscrall took over and did their--thing. Thank you so much for publicly calling them out over their toxic behavior, and for not tolerating them on your continuation on LoL, it means a lot to me to see this community's getting better.
Smdytb1: (Oct 19 2016, 1:02 am)
Thank you for the full Clarification, Although. lands of legend is quite the legendary game. I hold no Ill will against it, For I was quite the avid fan back in those days. If you can provide, No. If the community can provide a better and more visualized version of Lands Of Legend, I would be very proud. And maybe I myself will return to playing it, Unfortunately my calling is elsewhere, Cleaning up messes and the such. Becoming a median between groups.
Godsring: (Oct 18 2016, 12:08 am)
Ginseng created this game and it was based off the GPLv2 licensed code of Dungeon Master So even the modded versions are subject to this. The distributed version of the code were actually updated to GPLv3 upon handing them out.

I would like to note I also have the modded version content and will provide it at a later time. Ginseng himself is no longer working on Lands of Legend for byond and has moved to a new game engine.

This project is now overseen by me but still owned by Ginseng. Though Dungeon Masters license was transferred and I personally maintain it. I suggest taking a look at your convenience.

As for my history as some of you may not know me I began work on Dungeon Master in early 2005 with Ginseng dungeon master development actually began in 2004 I co developed Dungeon Master alongside Ginseng till around 2007~ or until we cancelled the v400 release of DM around the time out host leaked a copy of the source for v350 shortly after v390~

We made dungeon master open source under GPLv2 both I personally had issues going on in real life that needed my attention you must realize I am 26 at this time both Ginseng and I were teens when we began working on DM. Anyways I would come back periodically to check in it was sometime in 2006~ he began work on a new project having lost interest in DM due to the stress and drama which im sure all of you can relate to.

He decided to make a single unit Dungeon Master with an even better focus on role player vs the RTS elements similar to DF in Dungeon Master. He called it Lands of Legend and it was great I checked in from time to time he also attempted to make a remake of his own of DM but gave up as again lack of motivation due to use getting sorry to put it this way fucked over AGAIN when a modder named sscral decided to work on DM very toxic and vial and his friend Nerserus2 which he allowed to abused the community and mostly females in the community. Ginseng asked sscral this modder to return his admin abilities and remove this abuser Nerserus2 and to stop with the toxic behavior or he would lock him out of the hub.

Well he refused to Ginseng passworded the hub and they took the game to another hub renamed the game and tried to steal full credit. Anyways this was in 2008-2009 time period this made Ginseng stop his remake called Kingdoms as he come to think the whole community was just toxic. I came back to work on Dungeon Master again in 2012 post sscral events that happened.

At this time an old friend named The Divine Dragon Of Ra was hosting the mod made by sscral to keep the community alive as a note yes Ginseng removed the password after he gave up on making the community better. Ra was not a perfect person and did alot of trolling including speaking about child porn among other things but earned my respect long before due to being one of our dedicated unofficial testers.

Ontop of that he kept the game alive while we were gone and I was grateful. He provided me with the latest copy of the source and I went to work completely rewriting most of the code I also worked some with a modder named Felix and a modder named Marty. Felix was a very intelligent kid who had alot of potential and made a great separate mod from the official DM. Marty worked with me for about 1~ year on the official DM though his schooling caught up with him and he needed to focus.

I worked for the remainder of the time alone until we have what we have now. More or less all content contributed by sscral is gone including the lack of most original code. As DM needed a full rewrite this was necessary. I had been in contact with Ginseng for sometime on his progress with his then current venture called xenoverse which is a Sundered Earth mod which is a rip of a very old game.

Anyways he decided he was going to leave byond for good and decided to turn over full licence holder privileges to me of Dungeon Master as he had no interest in ever working on it again and as I was the co developer of the original game and pretty much his only friend left on byond. I was very upset of course because I wanted him to return and co develop with me but he wanted to work on a lands of legend game outside of byond which I understood as that is the game he had focused on.

Other then that I have had to issue several DMCA's against several people who tried to steal credit and make alternative hubs and tried to mock me till I showed them I was not joking about enforcing the licenses and had their hubs removed and content taken down.

So anyways lots of drama but that is how it is now. Don't forget to read the TOS.txt as well so you can see how the source is allowed to be used.
Myrturen: (Oct 17 2016, 7:45 am)
TheLionsRoar actually did not create this game. He did maintain the only active version of the game from 2012-2014, however, then off and on until last year. This game is from at least 2006-2007, definitely created by Ginseng. See for example this Wayback Machine link (the oldest available) which shows a hub that was added January of 2007.

I should also add that the Github repository linked to from this hub does not contain any code or other content from the mods TheLionsRoar worked on. It's completely Ginseng's version. I'm interested in hearing from Ginseng about how modded versions like TheLionsRoar's fit with the licence and terms of service of this open source version, considering they were created using source packages from people other than Ginseng several years ago.