Dragon Ball GT: Dragon's Fury

by Gogeta9000
Dragon Ball GT: Dragon's Fury
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Version 1.5
Date added: Aug 24 2013
Last updated: Dec 11 2013
Last played: Feb 5 2015
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Dragon Ball GT: Dragon's Fury

Recent Updates

Version 1.6

- Added a watch budokai/watch tourney verb
- Added an AFK button
- Edited MoTD
- Other great games list
- Fixed Admin check
- Added a FAN BOOST!

Version 1.5

- Major bug fixes
- New Map!
- Levelling system is fixed!
- Transformations are harder to achieve!
- Bojacks & Dragons now have 1 permanent transformation.

Version 1.4

- Major bug fixes
- Added New race:
* Janemba
- Auto - Tourney can be controlled by Level 3 GM's

Version 1.3

- Added White Star Dragonballs
- Added New races:
* Legendary Super Saiyan
* Kai
- Added an auto-tournament system
* Can also be controlled by admins ranked higher than High Council

Version 1.2

- Added the Send File Verb
- Added Special Yamcha for GM's
- No training info shown
- Added GM Position List in Help Book
- Added Scoreboard
- Added a High Council Admin
- Added Saibaman race
- Changed choose race screen
- Added bug send system
- Added Black Star Dragon Balls
- Added new Vegeta Quest : Kill Janemba. Is a boost (Same as Krillin's)
Special Thanks to...
I'd like to thank the Academy for this awar....oh wait wrong place.

FallenFenix - even though he stopped, he was still a big help.
Sharky12 - best mapper in the world
DarkWonder 7 - hosts the game
Beaubee - helped create this hub
- also helped in my game
_Dark_Shodan - for lending me some big help in coding.
Quick Links

Level 6 (Game Owner):

Level 5 (High Council):

Level 4 (Staff Council):

Level 3 (Master Enforcer):

Level 2 (Enforcer):

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