Naruto Rage

by Gogeta super saiyan 1000
Naruto Rage
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Version 1.3
Date added: Dec 17 2008
Last updated: May 31 2011
Last played: Jan 1 2010
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Game Creators
Coder:Leondroto(One More Coder Spot Open)
Host:Naruto Uzumaki(only till a host is chosen)
GFX Artist:(Open)
Forum Maker:Sakai

Naruto Uzumaki



Village Kages

Water Hero(Waterfall):
Village Jutsus
Leaf and Grass Jutsus:
1-Katon Housenka-2 Tiger signs
2-Katon No Jutsu-3 Dragon signs 1 Snake Sign
3-Katon Goukakyuu-1 Tiger sign 1 Dog sign
4-Katon Karyuu Endan-3 Dragon signs 1 Tiger sign
5-Katon Ryuuka No Jutsu-2 Dragon signs
6-Katonheki-1 Boar sign 3 Ox signs
7-Karyuudan-1 Dragon sign 3 Ox signs

Mist Jutsus:
1-Suiton Suiryuudan No Jutsu-3 Monkey signs and 1 Dragon sign
2-Suirou No Jutsu-3 Monkey signs 1 Tiger sign
3-Suiton Suikoudan No Jutsu-3 Monkey signs 1 Rabbit sign
4-Kirigakure-2 Monkey signs 1 Bird sign
5-Mist No Jutsu-3 Monkey signs 1 Ox sign

Snow Jutsus:
1-Makyou Suiryuudan No Jutsu-3 Monkey signs 1 Dragon sign
1-Makyou Armor-2 Monkey signs 1 Ox sign
3-Makyou Hyoushou-2 Monkey signs 1 Rabbit sign
4-Futagoza No Jutsu-3 Rabbit signs 1 Rat sign

Rain Jutsus:
1-Suiton Daibakufu No Jutsu-1 Tiger sign 3 Snake signs
2-Suiton Doryuudan-1 Boar sign 3 Snake signs
3-Rain No Jutsu-1 Ox signs 3 Snake signs
4-Suiton Bunshin No Jutsu-1 Bird sign 3 Snake signs
5-Jouro Senban-3 Snake signs 1 Dog sign

Waterfall Jutsus:
1-Suishouha-1 Monkey sign 3 Rat signs
2-Suiton Suishouha-1 Dragon sign 3 Rat signs
3-Suiton Kyuu-1 Tiger sign 3 Rat signs
4-Suiton Sousou-1 Dog sign 3 Rat signs
5-Suiton No Jutsu-3 Rat signs 1 Ox sign

Rock Jutsus:

1-Doton Doryo Dango-3 Horse signs 1 Ram sign
2-Doton Doryuuheki-3 Horse signs 1 Bird sign
3-Doroudorno-1 Ox sign 3 Horse signs
4-Doton Sousou-3 Horse signs 1 Tiger sign
5-Doton Kyuu-3 Horse signs 1 Dragon sign

Cloud Jutsus:
1-Raikyuu No Jutsu-3 Rat signs 1 Tiger sign
2-Rai No Jutsu-3 Rat signs 1 Ox sign
3-Rairyuu No Tatsumaki-3 Rat signs 1 Boar sign
4-Ikazuchi No Kiba-3 Rat signs 1 Ram sign
5-Cloud Summons-3 Rat signs 1 Bird sign

Sand Jutsus:
1-Fuuton: Kaze Dangan No Jutsu-3 Boar signs 1 Tiger sign
2-Flight-3 Boar signs 1 Bird sign
3-Ninpou Kamaitachi-3 Boar signs 1 Dragon sign
4-Fuuton: Renkuudan No Jutsu-3 Boar signs 1 Dog sign
5-Fuuton: Daitoppa No Jutsu-3 Boar signs 1 Snake sign

Sound Jutsus:
1-Zankuuha-3 Rat signs 1 Bird sign
2-Sen'eijashu-3 Bird signs 1 Snake sign
3-Zan No Jutsu-3 Bird signs 1 Ox sign
4-Zankyokukuuha-3 Bird signs 1 Rat sign
5-Kyoumeisen-4 Bird signs 1 Rabbit sign

Genin- Do the test.
Chuunin- Cap Genin or test (for the test you need 3 or more genin).
Jounin- Cap Chuunin.
Hunter- Capped jounin and 50 missing kills.
ANBU- Get Chosen by your Kage.
ANBU-CAP- Get Chosen by your Kage.
Sannin- Get chosen by your Kage.
Sage-Get chosen by your Kage.
Kage- Be appointed by Staff.
Organization - Be a Jounin or Hunter-Ninja and any other requirements the Leader asks for.

#1-No AFK Training.
#2-Respect all Gms and all players.
#3-No Multiclaning or multivillage = Instant Ban.
#4-Do not abuse your kage powers (if you are kage) or they will be taken.
#5-Acadamy is a no Pk Zone if found killing there you will end up booted.
#6-No advertising = perm ban.
#7-And please dont ask for GM,apply on forums.
#8-Dont talk in all caps or spam you will be booted.
#9-No Porn Links.

Game Moderation Rules
* First of all, do NOT abuse your Powers.They will be taken away as shown below(Saved whipped)
* Do not use your GM to threaten the players or other staff members. Usually, most problems can be solved without the usage of your verbs. If all else fails, then use them.(Or contact a Moderator that is a higher rank than yourself.)
* Do not give certain players special treatment. This means that players stay out of areas they don't belong in and that you don't give "friends" items they shouldn't have (or that were "created").
* Do your job. Answer questions, help players, etc. Don't just sit there doing nothing.
*No gms get special treatment just because they are gms.DO NOT abuse your powers or they will be taken away from you for 5 days,if you abuse your powers again they will be taken for 6 days if you do so again then your powers will be taken away for good.

Rank Rules
#1.Only Twenty-Eight ANBU Per Village.
#2.Only One ANBU-Caption Per Village.
#3.Only Three Sannin Per Village.
#4.Only One Sage Per Village.
#5.Only One Kages Per Village.

The game is being updated so it wont be on much also due to not having a host yet.

Have Fun ^^